Online Marketing for Law Firms

Research and surveys show that only two out of ten people consume news from newspapers. Clearly, the internet has become a one-stop solution for everything. So, if you are a budding lawyer, investing in digital marketing is one of the smartest decisions. Online Marketing for law firms has proven to have been working for small law businesses. Statistics are true testaments to this.

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Law firm Digital marketing

Online marketing for attorneys is a key to advertise and popularize their work and talent amongst the ones requiring legal advice. It is clear that law firm digital marketing agencies wouldn’t work if lawyers didn’t find them useful. 70% of law firms spend the majority of their budget on internet marketing. So, this marketing strategy is definitely worth giving a shot. Despite of all these reasons, it is best that you do your research before coming to a decision. Opt for lawyer internet marketing only when you are fully satisfied by its results. It has been seen that promotion of law businesses through various online channels increases the number of clients by folds.

Online marketing for law firms

What Makes Our Lawyer Internet Marketing Unique

Best internet marketing for lawyers would be one which requires them to spend the minimum time worrying about advertisement. They need a marketing strategy that would spare them the hassle and give them more time to focus on their cases. Our Lawyer Internet Marketing provides the following added benefits apart from saving time:

Increased credibility
for the firm

Rapid increase
in website traffic

New and
quality leads

Increased number of

Improved client engagement
and interaction

Raised Brand

So how are we different from other websites?


Experience in the industry

​Every prospect would want an experienced attorney to run their case. We have worked with a number of law firms and lawyers to know the exact needs of clients and hence are thoroughly prepared to uplift and develop your firm. We never impose any long term contracts on you because we are confident that you would not regret working with us.


You are our priority

Every law firm is different. We customize marketing strategies that are solely suitable for your business so that you attract the targeted audience.


We’re always updated

Rules, laws and regulations are ever-changing. It is absolutely necessary to be up to date all the time. We do daily homework to be at pace with the latest updates in the world of the law so that we can offer you the best services.


Stepping stone towards success

There is no shortcut to success. But, it wouldn’t be that bad if you got the initial push or guidance to walk on the path of success. Our experience, dedication and sincerity make us unique. We care about your firm and know what would work the best for your success.


In-house specialists

We believe that outsourcing agents from elsewhere doesn’t reap the best benefits. So, we have in-house specialists who work solely for your firm so that you know what strategies are working or failing for you and are kept at the pace all the time.

Effective Internet Marketing for Lawyers

The ways of the world are changing. One no longer takes people’s word for the credibility of an attorney. One would need proof of their capability and would not just go by the face value. One would do research about referrals, past experiences and about the results of a law firm.

This is where Conroy creative counsel comes in. We have got all the answers to your questions and insecurities. We, as an internet marketing agency for attorneys, will make sure that your business shows up on the very first page of the search engine when potential clients search for a lawyer online. We will customize interesting and informative ads to catch attention. You will have an active website that would convince them to set up a consultation. You can try it yourself before you form an opinion about our skills and work.

Choosing the right Internet marketing Agency for Attorneys

There are thousands of teams handling online marketing for law firms. It can be quite a tedious and mind-boggling task to find the right one for you. More so because the legal world is one of the most competitive ones in the market. Unfortunately, not all internet marketing companies can be trusted. There have been several such cases where websites have extracted money from the clients but failed to fulfil the promises they had made. Some have used cheap tactics and offered weak leads. More than the money lost, these fatal mistakes can ruin your reputation in minutes. This would lead to potential clients backing out and your business falling.

So how to choose the right internet marketing agency for your firm?

The answer is simple- thorough research. You may read reviews of past, happy and long term clients. You may check whether the agency has given results to its clients or not. You may look for the authenticity of the credentials and experience of the team members.

To make your job a little simpler, we, at the Conroy Creative Counsel, bring to you all the resources we have in store. From videos to personal blog posts, we offer you all you need to make a decision. We have numerous resources that would help you to educate yourself on all the digital marketing strategies and on how we can help you.


Our Methods To Online Marketing For Law Businesses

The primary goal of our agency is pretty simple- to help you achieve yours. We help you expand your vision and reach by making your targeted audience know about your capability. We help you have a good client base.


Online Presence

We make sure that your online page is search engine optimized. People who spend most of their time surfing online on social media pages or email get to see your advertisements often.


Informative content

It is essential for the content on the page to impress the viewers. We customize pages so that the content uploaded are informative and it helps potential clients to find answers to their questions regarding your firm. The content is such that one would be hooked at the very first few lines and would get all the information they are looking for.


Engagement and Conversation

Content is absolutely original and engaging to address the concerns and interests of the clients. We provide the information a client would need about an internet marketing agency for attorneys. The content is such that the doubts of a potential client are cleared.


Powerful call-to-action

The visitors viewing your website become strong, and quality leads have an active call to actions which are crystal clear to everyone.

We at Conroy Creative Counsel make sure that all your needs as a law firm internet marketing client are satisfied. We use personalized and exceptional marketing strategies that would suit your business and your requirements. We make sure that you spend minimal time worrying about marketing and can channelize your entire focus on your cases.