Conroy creative Counsel


About this Service

SEO is the formula for being ranked in search engines and therefore visible to the highest number of potential clients. Your blog, social media, product descriptions, page titles, and copywriting all work together to make your website top the organic search listings. We offer audits of your current site and pages, keyword research for your target audience, and local SEO services.


Our team works to determine your ideal client and top goals, whether that is ranking as the go-to firm in your area or as the expert in a particular niche.

Services Offered

  • Website Audit:
    • Our audit is free and includes: Domain strength, On and Off Page Optimization, Readability & Conversion, Social Engagement, Competition Analysis.
    • To have your site audited, please send over your name, email, website URL, and up to 3 competitor’s URLs.
  • Ongoing SEO:
    • Your site isn’t ranking as well as it should be. It could be too slow, it could have broken links, your content may not match what your clients are searching, or it may not be mobile-friendly. Let us help you determine what the problem is, and more importantly how we can fix it.
    • We provide quality content for our SEO clients that ultimately helps answer questions your customers are asking or searching for, giving them information about your company, and helping Google understand more about you and what you do. When you have quality content done the right way with SEO in mind and the right optimization, Google and your customers will better understand what you do or sell and find you easier.
    • Investment starts at $550/month.