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About this Service

Social media is an extension of your firm’s website, and consistent branding across those platforms will give your clients a fluid experience. We update all of your social media accounts with profile pictures, cover photos, and wording that reflects your company’s brand and leads seamlessly into your website.

Services Offered

  • Social Media Setup
    • Graphic design of each of the profile graphics in the following accounts:
      • Google+: We create a profile and then customize pages, and upload cover pictures.
      • Facebook: Profile created, upload cover photos, link your website’s feed, and assign administrative access.
      • Twitter:  We customize your profile, link your website’s feed, and add your profile image or logo.
      • LinkedIn: We setup your firm on LinkedIn and customize your businesses listing, logo, message and cover image.
    • Investment: One time setup cost, 3 payments of $125
  • Social Media Management
    • Ongoing management of your social media channels, including daily content updates optimized on a consistent schedule. Using data and metrics, we refine the process over time with a goal of significantly increasing your audience and reach.
    • Investment:
      • 5 hours/month = $250 (3 month minimum signup)
      • 10 hours/month = $425 (3 month minimum signup)

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