T McKee Law


T McKee Law Starts Out Strong with a Clear Message

T McKee Law, based out of Nashville, Tennessee, is a one-man new law firm focused on general business law, employment law, and nonprofit law. 

It was important to McKee to create a strong, on-brand website right from the start. We wanted to be clear about positioning him as a thought leader while showing his expertise and communicating credibility and brand values.

After our consultation, we laid out the firm’s goals and started to build his new website that would showcase his value and attract the ideal audience.

Creating Core Messaging

Our first hurdle was to create the core messaging that would become the foundation for the firm’s brand. It was important for McKee to demonstrate the value of his service for clients. We accomplished this by using language expressing T McKee Law’s dedication to providing top quality service to clients while maintaining the utmost transparency.

We incorporated this core messaging into every aspect of the website to create a consistent brand experience for website visitors. We paired it with clear and powerful visuals to underline the brand values and maintain a professional image.


Communicating Credibility

The second issue we wanted to address was communicating credibility to a cold audience. We did this by taking advantage of opportunities to display experience and expertise throughout the website copy. The page that benefits from this the most is the About page, however, we made sure to include a display of expertise on every page of the website so that no matter where a visitor may land they will have that valuable information. 

We also made sure to include a section on the homepage displaying clients that T McKee Law has worked with before to instill a sense of trust.


Establishing Awareness

Our last problem to tackle was that of establishing awareness with T McKee Law’s ideal audience. We solved this by defining his positioning and marketing strategy early on so that we could focus on the targets he identifies as ideal clients. Because of this early legwork, we were able to eliminate disconnects in the marketing message and position making it easier for potential clients to move forward.

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