The Best Places To Feature Your Logo

The Best Places To Feature Your Logo


Creating a logo may be an afterthought when there are so many different factors when building a law firm. You might think a logo is just a picture, but a logo grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, a huge part of your brand’s identity, separates you from your competitors, and allows your audience to visually connect with your brand. When logos are used to their full potential, a brand logo is the first thing a client may call to mind when they think of your firm.

We always say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but when it comes to logos, we can use that judgment to our advantage. Having your logo speak instantly for your company allows clients to judge if they want to use your services or visit your law firm, pique their interest in your company, and shows the professionalism and effort in founding your firm’s identity.

Maybe you have your logo ready, but where do you use it? Let’s take a look at some of the best places to feature your logo.

Website Header

For many of your new clients, the first place they will be interacting with your firm is on your website. Having your logo in your website header where it can be immediately seen will ensure the viewer has a clear idea of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Having different color variations of your logo is helpful to match different website designs and colors, allowing your logo to be clear and visible to both new or returning clients.

Social Media

Your branding goes much further than just your website. You never want to leave your social media followers guessing what your business is. A logo and a brief statement about your company should be one of the first things that your clients see on any of your social media profiles. By including your logo on each social media platform you use, followers will start to see your logo on their news feeds every time you post content. When your logo is familiar to your followers, many will be more inclined to stop and read your posts or headlines.

Invoices And Business Forms

Invoices are not the most exciting things to look at. When you include your logo you are able to catch the attention of the recipient, establish your professionalism, and signify cohesiveness with your entire business. A distinct logo will go a long way and by adding them to business forms and invoices, you have a way to distribute your branded items on a daily basis and build familiarity with your brand image.

Purchase Confirmation

This taps into a bit of marketing psychology, but when your client or customer is in that “feel good” moment after making a purchase from you, you can associate that happy positive moment with your brand by having your logo featured on your confirmation screen.

Letters And Emails

There are plenty of opportunities to share your brand and connect with your customers using newsletters, promotional emails, or even simply customer service responses. Repetition is important when you are building your brand, and the goal you should have in mind is for your clients to be familiar with your firm when they are in need of the types of services you provide. There is prime real estate at the top of your letters or emails to use your logo, and when you are in a considerable amount of contact with clients it is important to use this space wisely to build a connection and establish your expertise.

Business Cards

While we all focus on our online presence a lot more in this digital age, you should never underestimate the power of a great business card logo. There are still people who value sharing law firm business cards and it offers a more personal touch when interacting with those in your day to day. In comparison to other marketing materials like flyers or pamphlets, business cards are much less likely to be thrown out. With a well designed business card that features your logo and contact information, a client will likely keep you in mind for any future services.

Downloadable Content

If you offer downloadable content, whether it is for free or is a paid product, always make sure to brand it. By having your logo featured on your downloadable content, you can raise the trust factor between you and your clients and create the opportunity to have a lasting impression in your client’s minds for a long time.

How To Create The Best Law Firm Website

Being consistent with the visual branding of your law firm is the key to creating a familiar place in your client’s minds. Your brand and law firm is much bigger than just your logo, but your clients will always be seeing these images when interacting with you. Your logo should never just be used to fill up blank space and by using it thoughtfully you can better your brand’s visibility and familiarity.

With Conroy Creative Counsel, we help you and your law firm expand your reach online with our deep understanding in digital marketing and effective content strategies. We can leverage the power of marketing to help you grow your firm and gain the clientele you desire.

Contact us today so we can guide you in creating the best law firm website design that has impact for future clients.


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