The Importance of Finding Your Brand Personality


Every type of business needs to develop its own unique brand personality, including law firms. This is the personality you exude in all of your advertising and communications. What tone do you take? What imagery do you use to present your firm? What types of slogans or mission statements do you put out?

Thinking carefully about your branding and developing your brand personality afford you the opportunity to better connect with your clients, both current and future. This greater connection leads to more referrals and more clients coming your way.

Here are a few of the steps you can take to develop your brand personality.

  • Determine what makes you different: What are some of the defining traits of your firm? Specifically focus on what you are able to deliver to your clients that your competitors can’t match—your unique value proposition. Perhaps you have an outstanding history of results in a particular type of case, or have unmatched experience in your practice area in your region.
  • Consider the adjectives that define you: Spend some time thinking of some of the adjectives you would like your ideal client to use to define your firm’s brand. Honest, trustworthy, passionate, caring, professional, tireless, reliable; these are all adjectives that might work for your brand, and are positive traits to have clients associate with you. You can get creative with these and really tailor them to your ideal brand personality.
  • Analyze your audience: Your brand personality needs to connect with your audience, and for that to happen you need to know your audience. Think about who your ideal customer is—their likes and dislikes, their age range, their specific needs and pain points. Go into as much detail as you can so you can really flesh out the personality of your audience so you can fine-tune the personality of your brand.
  • Consider your tone: The written copy you produce and the television and radio advertisements you create must all reflect your brand’s personality. The tone should resonate with your ideal audience, and it must be consistent. You can’t jump back and forth between formal and casual, as this will confuse your clients. For your clients to know you “get” them, you need to speak their language.
  • Get visual: Once you’ve considered all of the above issues, you can start getting visual with your personality. How do you portray your brand personality in your logos, graphics, colors, website designs and other visual elements? Professional graphic designers are able to learn about your brand, take in your personality and produce imagery that fits who you are.

For more tips about how you can find your brand’s personality, contact us today.

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