The Power of Business Reviews: Turning Visitors into Clients

The Power of Business Reviews: Turning Visitors into Clients

When considering the available digital avenues through which you can attract new clients to your law firm, do not underestimate the power of strong reviews on sites like Google or Yelp. People in need of legal services want to hear from other actual people about the experience of working with your firm, and these online review sites give them the opportunity to do so.

The Power of Business Reviews: Turning Visitors into Clients

Encourage satisfied clients you’ve worked with to leave reviews online. There are a wide variety of benefits for these online reviews:

  • Increased visibility: These review sites tend to rank well in search engines, and the more reviews you get on these sites, the more it will boost your own visibility when people search for legal services in their area. This visibility is crucial when you consider the sheer amount of competition there is online for attention.
  • Increased trust: People are much more likely to be influenced by reviews and ratings from other actual clients than they are by your own online marketing efforts outside of your website, such as pay per click advertisements. The ability to read about the actual experiences of real people can be a significant help for people attempting to make a decision about lawyers to contact. The more positive reviews you build up online, the more people will be willing to place their trust in your firm.
  • Improved communication: Reviews also allow you an opportunity to communicate directly (and publicly) with clients. You can thank clients for leaving reviews, or you can respond to clients who had bad reviews and demonstrate your commitment to ensuring their satisfaction and providing them with the best possible experience and results in their case.
  • Opportunity for introspection: The reviews you get from clients can provide you with valuable feedback that can help you improve the services you offer. You might find some clients provide feedback in online reviews that they wouldn’t necessarily provide in an in-person setting. It’s important to take the good and the bad all into account, so you can both see what you’re doing well and what needs to improve.
  • Enhanced reputation: Having more reviews (and more positive reviews) than your competition will put you ahead of your competitors and boost your reputation, including your reputation relative to that of other law firms in the area practicing in the same area of law as you do.

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