There’s No Need to Chase Law Firm Design Trends

There’s No Need to Chase Law Firm Design Trends

While having a professional, well-designed website is critical for your law firm, there’s no need to keep changing the design. Trends come and go. While it’s tempting to overhaul your firm’s website every time styles change, you run the risk of mismatching the latest trends to what your clients actually need. Instead, settle on a classic, cohesive design that reflects your firm’s image and values. 

Here’s why there’s no need to chase the trends—and how it could work against you.

  • Trends change quickly: Web design trends change quickly. Even websites from a few years ago might look “old” now—but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As lawyers, your firm provides consistent, reliable services, and should have an image to match. The hot new design now will eventually look out-of-date later. Classic, functional websites are always better than hopping on the latest web design bandwagon. Focus on your branding and client outreach instead of overhauling your website every year.
  • Don’t sacrifice function for fashion: Law firm websites need to be functional, even when conveying a sense of the firm’s brand and priorities. While popular layout and graphic design trends may look great, that doesn’t mean that they’ll work for your firm. For instance, choosing a layout that’s often used for clothing brands could alienate your core client base. Your clients expect a certain level of professionalism and functionality: give them what they want, so they’re not tempted to go elsewhere.
  • Consider the client over aesthetics: If your website is long overdue for a change, a new look can refresh your image and generate new interest. Don’t make the mistake of trying to cater to everyone online in your search for a new look. Instead, consider your typical client. Why are they visiting your website? What are your most-visited pages? Once you understand what your clients want and expect from your website, you can tailor the design and navigation to suit their needs.
  • Avoid muddying your branding: Constantly overhauling your firm’s website design can confuse the branding. Branding should be cohesive: logos, color palettes, illustrations and style need to work together. Adding new design trends to your existing site could muddy the waters and turn off potential or existing clients.
  • New trends can affect SEO: Finally, adding new design trends can affect your SEO ranking. Slideshows, autoplay videos and other flashy design elements can reduce your organic traffic. All changes should be carefully considered before settling on a redesign.

While a new website can reinvigorate interest in your law firm, it’s important to strike the right balance. There’s no need to chase trends, especially if you already have a cohesive and attractive brand established.

If you’re considering a change, get input from branding and marketing experts. Conroy Creative Counsel can help you determine which design elements, trends and features will work best with your firm’s brand. Reach out today for more information.


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