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What Does It Mean to Create a Law Firm Brand Experience?

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It is so important for law firms to take the time to dedicate some resources to creating a strong logo—one that accurately represents what a law firm and its attorneys have to offer. But a logo is just one piece of a firm’s overall branding strategy.

A brand is one of those words that is used widely but not always completely understood. In fact, the definition of what a brand actually is has evolved with time.

So What Is a Brand?

To put it simply, a brand allows a firm to assert how it wants others to see it, through the voice, vision, and visuals it uses in its marketing materials.

At its core, a law firm’s brand makes a number of promises to clients. In almost all cases, a law firm should use its brand to demonstrate that it offers certain values, quality, and consistency. It also tells your clients how their lives will be improved by buying your services. A law firm brand has its own style, voice, and persona, and ideally it should set off some sort of emotion when clients come across it.

A big-box retailer, for example, might have a brand that tells people they can expect to get great deals for their money. A high-end clothing boutique, on the other hand, will use its brand to parlay a sense of style and sophistication—that customers will pay more, but will get unparalleled quality in exchange.

It’s important to understand, however, that a brand is far from stagnant. It is a living, breathing and constantly evolving entity, and it may take several forms as time goes on and styles and client preferences change. For that reason, you need to be constantly aware of these shifts and ensure that the brand you create and maintain is always relevant and engaging.

Consistency Leads to Brand Recognition

The ultimate goal of branding is instant recognition from clients when they see your logo, colors, and visuals. Your social media followers and potential clients should immediately think or feel something positive once they experience your brand…

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