What Makes for An Engaging Homepage?

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While your website’s blog and service pages are there to provide rich, informative content to your visitors, your homepage exists to be an engaging introduction to your brand and your firm’s offerings.

What Makes for An Engaging Homepage?

You only have a few seconds to make a strong first impression when someone first visits your homepage. You run the risk of driving them away if your website is poorly designed, malfunctioning or simply not written or designed with your target audience in mind. Therefore, you should design your firm’s homepage with the goal of making a positive first impression and in creating an engaging, easy-to-use resource for both current and potential clients.

Here are some of the most crucial features to an engaging website.

  • Design: The principles of good web design could fill an entre book, but to be as general as possible, it’s important to have a website that features the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. You shouldn’t have to pack your homepage full of features or content to make it engaging or effective. White space and smart layout are both very important. Simple, effective designs that are responsive for multiple platforms and devices are all the rage currently, and are better for effective communication and branding.
  • Load speed: Two seconds is the idea loading speed. If it takes five seconds or more to load a page, you can expect your visitors to completely tune out. Make sure your home page loads quickly—you can help by keeping it simple and avoiding the use of too much media or too many additional features.
  • Calls to action: If you want your audience to engage, including a clear and effective call to action on your homepage is a great way to encourage that engagement. Your firm could include a button to schedule a consultation, for example, as a clear, easy call to action.
  • Navigation: It should be easy to navigate around your website to the most important areas. Your visitors should be able to get to the specific service they’re looking for within three clicks or fewer.
  • Content: Well-written content is pivotal to creating an engaging homepage. The content should be informative yet concise, and written without any jargon. The tone you use should be consistent with your brand, and will likely be influenced by the kind of law you practice.

For more tips about designing an engaging homepage for your law firm’s website, contact us at Conroy Creative Counsel.

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