What to Know When Hiring a Marketing Consultant

What to Know When Hiring a Marketing Consultant

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When you started your law firm, you likely took on all the tasks necessary to get your firm up and running. But after a while, you may have begun enlisting the help of others to keep your business flowing smoothly and to help alleviate your workload. One of the tasks that can be easily outsourced and can free up some of your time is marketing.

You may notice that you aren’t bringing in as many clients as before, or maybe it seems like the competition is overwhelming. Despite the reason behind it, instead of wasting your time focusing on resolving this problem and keeping your time away from other parts of your business, hiring a marketing consultant could be the solution you need.

A digital marketing consultant can help take the weight off of your shoulders and help you get the focus back on helping your clients. This article will explain what a marketing consultant does and how they can help your business.

What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

A marketing consultant can help your law firm create and implement a marketing strategy to reach your target audience. They study your law firm and its operations to fully understand your marketing needs. Once they know your marketing needs, they can, through market research, create marketing campaigns that will resonate with current and prospective clients.

Services Offered By Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants offer a wide array of services. These services include:

  • Brand Strategy — Your brand is more than your logo. It represents your firm’s character and sets you apart from the competition.
  • Website Design — Your website will likely be a potential client’s first encounter with your firm. Having a website that conveys your expertise and professionalism is vital.
  • SEO & PPC — With the ever-changing search engine algorithms, it’s important to have a partner who keeps up with the changes to ensure your website is continually optimized for the best possible ratings.
  • Content Writing — Providing fresh, relevant content to your target audience is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Consistent, valuable content will showcase your firm’s expertise in your field.
  • Photography — Having high-quality images can make a huge difference in your website’s appearance. Custom images look better to potential clients than stock photos.
  • Video — In today’s online landscape, video content is crucial and is the most engaging form of content.
  • Podcast Production — Many firms have found success in delivering information to their audience through podcasts. Podcasts allow you to discuss topics that potential clients may be interested in and showcase your expertise.
  • Social Media Management — Social media platforms can be powerful lead-generation tools. It allows your firm to meet your target audience where they are and develop connections through interaction on said platforms.
  • Technical Services — Your website is a crucial part of your firm and can generate leads, engage clients, and support new revenue. Therefore it’s essential that it is available to your target audience 24/7, uninterrupted, and is continuously updated and secure.

How a Marketing Consultant Can Help You

Here is an example of how Conroy Creative Counsel can help your law firm.

Azemika & Azemika was a well-established law firm providing family law services to Kern County for over 27 years. They realized their website was underperforming and were looking for a marketing partner who was a proven industry expert who could rejuvenate their website and drive more business to their firm.

Their Concerns

They had concerns about how the previous company was running their website.

  • Their website was unprofessional.
  • The previous company didn’t update the content frequently enough
  • The previous company under-delivered on their SEO promises

Once our team reviewed their website, we found that they were overpaying for the services they received and knew we could create a plan to help resolve their concerns.

Their Goals

We went into this project to meet two goals:

  1. Redesign their website. When potential clients landed on their website, they needed to see a modern web presence. In addition, they needed fast load times, professional aesthetics, and easy navigation. Without these things, potential clients would quickly leave the page and look elsewhere for their services.
  2. Rank in search results. Their site needed to be more friendly to web crawlers. And their most significant need to help increase SEO was fresh content. Search engines were passing up their site because there weren’t regular updates.

How We Helped

  1. We created a plan. We spoke with the Azemikas to learn the extent of their problem and create a plan that included only the services they needed.
  2. We rebuilt their website. We determined that the best solution would be to redesign their website on WordPress. That allowed us to provide modern aesthetics, usability, and performance without changing the brand identity they already established. In addition, WordPress’s SEO tools provide a solid foundation for building a content strategy to increase their search rankings.
  3. We provide ongoing support. The Azemikas wanted lasting SEO results, and to provide that requires ongoing support. We provide new content that aligns with their firm’s voice and character. We also remain in contact with them to ensure that their needs are being met.

Let Conroy Creative Counsel Be Your Marketing Co-Counsel

Marketing strategy often differentiates thriving firms with steady growth from those struggling with sustainability. Conroy Creative Counsel gives the expertise and insight needed to elevate the reputation and expand the reach of growth-minded law firms. We can help you set the right goals for your firm, then help you achieve them.

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