Why analytics can boost your marketing campaign

There’s more data than ever available to website owners. The proper analysis and usage of those analytics can help you significantly improve your law firm’s digital marketing performance.

Here are just a few of the ways in which analytics can help you boost your marketing campaigns.

  • Track where your visitors are coming from: Website analytics include information about where your visitors come from and how they’re finding your website. You’ll get the exact source, including paid advertisements, links from other websites, or organic searches. You can also gather information about the specific search terms used that brought up your website.
  • Track visitor numbers: Beyond just tracking where your visitors are coming from, you can also track visitor numbers. Analytics show how much traffic you’re getting to your website, and will go into detail about how much time they spend on your sites, which specific pages or blog posts get the most visitors, and the number of pages each visitor will look at.
  • Gather information about browsing behavior: We already mentioned certain aspects of visitor behavior you can track by paying attention to your website’s analytics, but there are more aspects of browsing behavior that can be useful beyond just page visits. For example, you can track white paper downloads, when visitors leave your website, which pages are most likely to result in lead captures/contact form submissions and anything else you want to measure or track.
  • Find opportunities to optimize performance: Tracking your analytics helps you to determine what you need to adjust, and how you can remove any barriers that appear between visiting the website and sending in their information or following through on any other call to action you have on your web pages.
  • Determine which pages perform best and worst: Just as you can determine which pages are most likely to result in lead captures, you can also analyze which pages have the highest bounce rates, and use that information to compare with other analytics and determine what adjustments you can make to improve performance on those lower-performing pages.

Working with a digital marketing expert allows you to get better insight into your website’s analytics so you can determine where you’re succeeding and where you’re not meeting your goals. For more information about how you can make better use of analytics in your marketing campaigns, contact us today.

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