Why Reviews are Essential for Your Website

Why Reviews are Essential for Your Website

Online reviews are an excellent marketing tool. Seeing feedback from actual clients can help people looking at those reviews make decisions about working with your law firm.

While there are plenty of places online where one can find reviews for law firms (Google, Yelp, Facebook), it is also beneficial to include reviews or testimonials on your firm’s website. 

Remember: your audience has plenty of options for legal assistance. It’s important to take advantage of any potential differentiating factor you can get, and that includes the smart use of reviews. 

Reviews have the following benefits:

  • They build trust: Trust is particularly important in the legal world, when clients must trust attorneys with some of their most sensitive or private issues. Reviews from actual clients help potential clients get a sense of what it’s like to work with your firm, and the experiences others have had in their work with you in the past.
  • They keep visitors on your website: Rather than linking away to other review sites, you can post reviews directly on your site and keep visitors there. By holding visitors on your site, you make it more likely that they will follow through on your desired call to action, such as signing up for a newsletter, submitting contact information to hear back from you, or calling your firm for service. Don’t force visitors to take the extra step to Google your law firm—give them all the information they need right on your site.
  • They boost your SEO: Because reviews keep visitors on your website longer, this also benefits your search engine optimization, as dwell time is a key factor in SEO rankings. In addition, people often search for reviews online, so putting those reviews on your site gives additional content for the search engine to give back to the user.
  • They grow awareness: The more reviews you collect, the more they will help you generate brand awareness for your firm. People who are willing to give reviews for you are also more likely to spread information about your firm via word of mouth. In addition, the improved search rankings that comes with implementing reviews on your website will also help you generate greater awareness of your services.
  • They offer legitimacy: People are much more likely to feel your firm is legitimate and worth connecting with when they can see reviews from past clients.

Gather as many reviews and testimonials as you can and put them on your stie to show potential clients you can deliver on their needs. Contact us at Conroy Creative Counsel for more information.


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