Why These Homepage Examples are Seriously Engaging

Why These Homepage Examples are Seriously Engaging

Having an engaging homepage on your website is crucial for attracting the attention of visitors and keeping them on your site for a longer period of time. If you’re able to get their attention and really resonate with them, they’re much more likely to read more of your content and explore the services you can provide them.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the homepage designs we’ve made for some of our law firm clients, focusing on specific aspects of their design.

Hero Section

Example: Sperling & Slater

The hero section of a website is a large banner image or slider that is pinned to the website’s header section. This is often the first thing a person sees when they arrive on a website’s homepage.

Sperling & Slater is a law firm that deals with a lot of business disputes in Chicago. The hero section being a moving image scanning Chicago’s downtown from above both serves to give the firm a clear location and audience while also giving a clear “business”-oriented feel, given the focus on Chicago’s commercial hub.


Example: Haugen Law Group

The graphics used on a website help to further establish the brand and its personality. For Haugen Law Group, a divorce and family law firm, there was a more emotional and value-based character required, and the graphics and images match that. The blue logo served as inspiration for a lot of the colors used on the page, and the images chosen on the home page very purposefully evoke calmness and peace.


Example: Lisinski Law Firm

While great design brings in a visitor, great copy keeps them there. With Lisinski Law Firm, an immigration law firm that helps to keep families united, we created high-quality copy in both English and Spanish, which helped to better present the firm’s goals of unifying families and working tirelessly for all people.

Call to Action

Example: Hopkins Law

A strong call to action encourages your reader to take action. What do you want each page to accomplish? It could be reaching out for a consultation, downloading a white paper, pretty much anything, but you need to guide your reader to that action with the CTA.

Hopkins Law in Loveland, CO is a criminal defense firm. The call to action, “Ready to get the help you need?” with the “Contact Us” button, with white text on a red background, is an effective call to action for people facing criminal charges who need to get an attorney’s services as soon as possible.

Social Proof

Example: Allen Harris Law

Social proof is very important for your website; it shows you’ve been recommended by other people and that your services can be trusted by others.

The website for Allen Harris Law features icons on its home page showing it has been “in the news” with Fox News, CNN, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Inside Higher Ed and the National Review, which helps to show the firm’s expertise and trustworthiness. Considering its clientele is people who have had their rights threatened in higher education environments, its target audience will see this as proof of the firm’s ability to handle the serious nature of their cases.

Contact us to learn more about how we can build out a great homepage that fits your brand and accomplishes your firm’s goals!


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