Why You Should Always Manage Your Own Domain Name

Why You Should Always Manage Your Own Domain Name

Your name means a lot to your firm. In fact, for most law firms, it literally is the name of the attorney(s) that is used in the firm’s title, and thus the website domain. 

When it’s your name at stake, it’s important you protect it and ensure all of your actions and interactions reflect well on it. This is why it’s important for law firms to manage their own domain names.

One of the most common mistakes business owners of all types (including law firms) make is letting someone else manage their domain. This might include registering things on their behalf, or handling other important tasks in their name.

There is certainly a lot of value in working with a professional web developer. However, eventually it is important to take back the keys and make sure you’re the one in control of your domain name. Here are just a few of the main reasons why this is so important.

  • Never lose access: By managing your own domain name, you always control access to the back end of your website and will ensure your firm, not the developer, owns the domain name. Any developer you work with should not have any problem with giving you full control over the domain and access to it. If they do, this is a red flag—find another developer to work with.
  • Keep track of registrations: You can always add other parties as users or admins to your domain, but you should always keep your firm listed as the owner. The same goes for any other platforms you’re using on the web that may or may not be connected to your website. If the developer is listed as the owner of the domain there is always a possibility (however unlikely) that you will lose access to the site at some point.
  • Improve security: Having multiple users and maintaining control over the domain keeps it more secure. Use a password manager and make sure you don’t hand the details of your registration over to anyone who either doesn’t need it or isn’t someone you can trust completely. 

Make sure you stay on top of all renewal reminders that come to your inbox—this is your reminder to re-register your domain name and keep control of your digital platform.

What’s in a name? Only your entire brand and livelihood. Protect your brand and your firm by keeping control of your domain, even when working with developers you trust.


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