Why Your Law Firm Needs a Blog

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Blog

Blogs aren’t just limited for celebrities, major corporations and hobbyists. Law firms can benefit greatly from having a blog, and may in fact fall behind the competition in their digital marketing if they fail to develop a law blog of their own.

It’s understanding to be a bit anxious about the prospect of starting up a blog. You need to be able to stick to a regular content schedule, and the idea of putting your words out there on the internet for anyone to read can be a bit nerve-racking. However, it’s crucial for firms to prioritize this form of content creation.

Many firms hire out agencies to handle their copywriting for them so they can get all the benefit of law blogs without having to spend the time on managing them blog themselves. But whether you outsource your blog or write it yourself, here are a few of the ways your firm will benefit from investment in online written content.

  • Inform your audience: Your website likely contains a lot of useful information about your services, but this is static content. Your blog provides you an outlet through which you can constantly feed your audience new information about topics relevant to your practice area. For estate planning firms, for example, you could write articles about important estate planning tools and strategies.
  • Stay front of mind: By regularly adding new content to your website, you’ll be able to stay front of mind with your clients and your target audience. Helpful, informative, useful content that you can add to your blog and include in your email newsletters will keep you relevant and at the top of your targets’ minds so they contact you first when they need legal assistance.
  • Establish your authority: When you regularly publish high-quality, informative content on your blog, you establish yourself as an authority in your legal field and position yourself as a trustworthy source for counsel.
  • Encourage more traffic to your website: Your blog also acts as an outstanding source of organic search engine optimization. Google and other search engines reward websites that regularly publish new, unique, high-quality content. The more you invest in your blog, the more it will pay off in search rankings, which will help you find new sources of traffic to your website.
  • Easily shareable: Blog posts make for great items to share on social media. You can use these blogs to feed into your social media marketing campaigns and your email newsletters. In addition, readers will easily be able to share your posts on various social platforms when they find your content helpful or interesting.

If you don’t have the time or energy to develop a blog yourself, reach out to a team of skilled content experts to manage your blog for you. Don’t miss out on these outstanding benefits of blogging for your law firm!


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