Why your website needs maintenance with David Forman

Why your website needs maintenance with David Forman

This week on the podcast we discuss: 

Why your website needs maintenance with David Forman

About our guest: 

We joke that David was writing code in the womb, but the truth isn’t that far off. He started building websites in middle school, before the internet was even a thing. Even while he was pursuing other career paths, that passion never subsided. Though he had a full-time job in retail, David started and ran Clarity Creative Group on nights and weekends. After attending a Coding Boot Camp at the University of Central Florida, David was inspired to jump into digital marketing full-time and that’s when Clarity really took off! Today, David’s focus is no longer on SKUs or holiday displays, but on helping small- and mid-sized businesses grow through digital marketing. David’s unique skill allows him to identify and jump on new opportunities. It’s tough to keep up in a world of constantly changing algorithms and standards, but he manages it flawlessly.

About the episode: 

Why does your website need maintenance?

Do you take the time to look at your website every few months or at least once per year to make sure your terms and conditions are still relevant, your site is safe, and everything is running smoothly?

We’re talking about exactly why this is so important on the podcast today with David Forman.

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About the podcast: 

When you face a complex case outside your expertise, you bring in co-counsel for next level results. When you want to engage, expand, and elevate your firm, you bring in a Marketing Co-Counsel. Counsel Cast is the podcast that provides the expertise of a Marketing Co-Counsel for your law firm. Where your firm gets answers and clarity to your marketing questions.

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