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Conroy Creative Counsel is an award-winning website design, online marketing, and digital creative firm for the legal industry led by Karin Conroy. If you are a lawyer or law firm who wants to improve your online reputation, you’re in the right place.

what you get

Award winning web design and online marketing
Modernize Your Marketing
Modernize Your Marketing

Times are a changin, as you’ve seen around the industry. Contracts are going paperless. Clients are using websites for legal services. Show your clients that you are keeping pace by upgrading your web presence and using content marketing.

Modernize Your Marketing
Creative Counsel

You’ll work directly with our founder, Karin, throughout your project. She’s worked with several hundred firms in the past decade and knows what it takes to grow your firm. Tap into her MBA-mind and marketing genius.

Modernize Your Marketing
Law-Specific Experience

We like to joke that our design contract has been reviewed by hundreds of lawyers. As a result, the process your project goes through is clear, predictable, and transparent. We also know what has been overdone and cliche in the industry, so we know what to stay away from so you stand out among the sea of competitors. Bottom line: we know how to work with you.

Modernize Your Marketing
Left-Brained Creativity

You can’t out-SEO a bad site and a pretty site doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to work. You need to have both form and function. With us, you get a website that not only looks great, but works great too. It’ll be custom built on the best technology, employ the latest marketing best-practices, and work flawlessly on all screen sizes. You can have the best of both worlds.

meet karin conroy

Karin Conroy

Karin Conroy is our “analytics meets aesthetics” Founder and Creative Director. She earned her MBA degree at the University of California. She started working on websites when the internet was young, back in the renaissance days of Netscape, Napster, and Flash. She was often underestimated, but found that the doubt fueled her. She rose quickly in her career, becoming known for her design sense and ability to communicate complex messages visually. Karin became the the Director of Marketing for the largest Century 21 in the world, managing the marketing team for over 2,000 agents in digital, print, and traditional media.

She wanted control of her life and career, and was driven by the idea of building her own destiny and profiting from her work. During the recession, Karin saw lawyers struggling to build thriving practices. She applied her strategic thinking and marketing expertise to create her first website for a lawyer. When his colleagues saw his site and learned of her mix of technology, design, and business knowledge, word spread rapidly.

Law school doesn’t teach you how to run a business, so Karin’s MBA and real-world marketing experience fills that gap for small and solo firms and helps them to stand out from the crowd. Now, over 200 law industry websites later, the legal industry clearly knows a good thing when they experience it.

Karin shares her legal marketing knowledge as a staff writer for Lawyerist (9+ years) and Attorney at Work. She is also the founder of Jarvis Law Sites, a website builder for law firms.

Hear More
Hear more

You can get to know Karin better
by listening to one of her Lawyerist
podcast interviews:
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Fast Facts

Often overheard saying: “You have to plan
to succeed.”
Grew up in: Minneapolis, MN
Currently based in: Orange County, CA
Websites launched: 200+
Articles written: 100+

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