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Expanded reach.

The legal industry presents marketing challenges unlike those found elsewhere. Digital marketing best practices must be applied judiciously in order to achieve meaningful results. We move beyond expensive marketing as usual tactics to implement strategies in alignment with your goals.

Impactful Design

We leverage the power of impactful design to establish credibility, convey expertise, and build trust with every view of your website.

Thought Leadership

We combine insight acquired over decades of experience and a deep understanding of marketing best practices to position our clients for growth.

Effective Strategy

We believe in results. Our approach is practical, strategic, and actionable – creating a clear path to success for our clients.

By unifying your marketing approach under a single strategy, we typically
reduce overall marketing spend while creating sustainable momentum and growth.

Leverage the power of marketing to grow your firm.

Our Founder

Karin Conroy

Marketing strategy is often the differentiating factor between thriving firms with steady growth and those that struggle with sustainability.

In my work in the legal industry, I’ve seen examples of established firms spending thousands of dollars on disjointed marketing tactics in an effort to spark growth, but achieving only limited results. I’ve watched great firms struggle to gain traction online due to outdated or poorly designed websites.

Conroy Creative Counsel was founded to apply marketing thought leadership directly to the legal industry. We give firms the insight and expertise needed to elevate their reputation and expand their reach. As Marketing Co-Counsel®, we help you set the right goals for your firm. Then we work with you to achieve them.

Karin Conroy

Founder | Creative Director

Meet Our Team


Our team is dedicated to creating smart, strategic websites for the legal industry and providing our clients with insightful marketing strategy to support their goals. Our clients enjoy an online presence that displays their expertise beautifully and the increased revenue that flows from the effective promotional strategies we create.

Michelle / Strategist

Michelle combines marketing experience and proven writing ability to create effective content strategy for established professionals and firms.

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Cynthia / Client account manager

Cynthia keeps everything organized and all our clients informed and happy so our projects stay focused and launch on time.


Sanjiv uses his years of experience managing developers to provide unique solutions, pixel-perfect development, and keeping the schedule on track.


Sameer is a great problem solver and is proud of seeking new solutions for user experiences.

pritam / developer

Pritam is constantly learning and seeks to be ahead of the curve with the latest trends in development.

Katherine / lead designer

Katherine has years of experience as a designer and design manager. She understands how to translate a message into compelling visuals.

jenna / Designer

Jenna’s design work has been awarded and featured in major publications. She is always eager to seek a unique approach to represent a brand.

Simona / podcast producer

Simona reduces the overwhelm of producing a podcast and is passionate about managing,
growing, and monetizing podcasts.

tim / lead writer

Tim manages our team of content writers and editors. They transform your ideas into exceptional content that breaks through the noise.

annie / writer

Annie is a US-based, talented former reporter who is skilled at researching and telling stories in concise and informative ways.

Sarah / social media

Sarah engages, builds trust, and communicates to your social media audience to ensure a consistent presence.

Pete / SEO Lead

Pete has experience leading digital marketing strategies at large agencies and knows the right recipe for improving a website’s ranking.

jeff / seo specialist

Jeff enjoys the challenge of keeping up with Google and is determined to show improvement in performance, ranking, and results for our clients.

brian / lead photographer

Brian leads a nationwide network of photographers who make your firm stand out with authentic photos and videos that ultimately convert.

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