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Signature Programs

Let’s establish what you need and create a plan that will help get you there.


new approach

Implement a winning strategy to confidently launch your new firm. Refresh your existing brand to reflect an expanded team, changing focus, or new approach.

Launch your law firm confidently. Refresh your existing brand to reflect an expanded team, changing focus or new approach. Make digital marketing work for you.

Implement a website strategy to launch & grow your firm.


Marketing Co-Counsel®

Our Signature Service

Let’s be candid, the way you’re doing marketing isn’t working. 

Options are overwhelming and budgets are impossible to predict. How do you really know what you need to stand out? 

What is a Marketing Co-Counsel®?

As a Fractional Law Firm CMO, we can precisely identify your needs and formulate a strategic plan, ensuring that your marketing efforts are effectively aligned with your firm’s goals.


Expanded Growth

Create a marketing engine to drive expanded growth in your local area. Maximize the return on your advertising spend. Position your firm for command of your local market.

Move beyond a general SEO strategy to a targeted focus on expanded growth in your local area. Maximize the return on your advertising spend and be found in your local market.

Leverage your expertise for greater exposure and success.

Our Suite of Services

Engage, expand, and elevate your firm with our custom tailored solutions.

Brand Strategy

A strong brand strategy will affect every aspect of your firm’s operations, and will position your firm as being able to meet your clients’ needs on a logistical and emotional level.

Website Design

Potential clients are most likely to first encounter your firm via the web, so you must have a website that conveys your expertise and professional and builds trust in your audience from the moment they arrive on your domain.


Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, so it is important to work with a trusted partner who stays abreast of these changes to ensure your website is always optimized for the best possible search rankings.

Content Writing

Content development must be an emphasis in any law firm’s marketing strategy. Regularly publishing content beyond just the copy on your landing pages provides consistent value to your target audience and showcases your firm’s expertise in your field.


High-quality images make a difference in the appearance of a website. Rather than relying on stock photos you can use our photography services to get custom headshots and photos of your firm in action.


Video content is a crucial part of digital marketing in today’s online landscape. It has evolved into the most engaging form of content, and thus can be highly effective at strengthening your online presence.

Podcast Production

Creating your own podcast gives you an outlet through which you can go in-depth on subjects of interest to potential clients and demonstrate your expertise and passion for your field.

Social Media

Social media presents a significant opportunity for your firm to meet your audience right where they are and to develop meaningful connections through actual interaction. When used well, social media platforms can be powerful lead generation tools.

Technical Services

Your website is critical to your firm for tasks such as generating leads, engaging clients and supporting revenue as the hub of your digital marketing efforts. It is crucial, then, that you ensure this vital asset is available to your audience 24/7 without interruption, and that it’s fully updated and secure.

Our Work

Generating Quality Leads

Helping create a dynamic online presence

Ultimately, the proof of success with any website is in the traffic it generates, and the Jeremy Widder Law website is a definite success. The client notes that their Google My Business search views increased by 39% after the new website was launched.

Increased Traffic, Increased Business, and Increased Revenue

Boosting Search Rank and Revenue at Azemika & Azemika

The Azemikas expressed concern over the company previously running their website. They felt the company’s product looked unprofessional and that content was not updated often enough.

We knew we could help, so we dug into their challenges and created a plan that would help them solve those problems.

Making a Better Legal Website

Award-Winning Design to modernize Law Firm’s Website

Haugen made it clear that they didn’t want to look like every other generic legal website on the internet. We used the information they gave us to create a better, more functional website that could meet their clients’ needs and help the law firm grow its business.

Make evidence based decisions about marketing.

Discover the RIGHT marketing budget for your firm's goals.