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Conroy Creative Counsel is an online marketing agency for the legal industry that specializes in website design and is led by Karin Conroy. Karin is always interested in collaboration, speaking, podcasts, and chatting more about her work and expertise. Please review the information below then setup a time to discuss your interest!

Bio & Introduction

Karin Conroy

If you have lawyers in your audience who want to be more successful, you should talk to Karin Conroy. Karin is the Founder and Creative Director of Conroy Creative Counsel, an award-winning recognized leader that has cracked the code of smart, sophisticated, and strategic websites for law firms.

Her clients are proud of the way they look online and their firm reputation is improved because their online presence beautifully displays their experience and expertise.

Karin and her team’s goal is to enhance the success of the clients she works with through a proven online marketing process. She doesn‘t leave the success of her projects up to creative chance but uses proven systems that result in more reach and revenue through strategic branding and positioning.

When she’s not busy creating exceptional websites, she and her family frequently explore the world through international travel.

topics & expertise

Karin is available for speaking engagements, panel discussions, and podcast interviews in these areas:
Modernize Your Marketing
Easy-to-Understand Website Tech Trends
Modernize Your Marketing
Marketing Strategy for Lawyers
Modernize Your Marketing
Gaining Authority and Improving Reputations through Design & Marketing
Modernize Your Marketing
Websites Design for Lawyers
Modernize Your Marketing
The Pillars of Law Firm Branding
Modernize Your Marketing
Why Your Website Isn’t Working
Modernize Your Marketing
Your Law Firm Website Audit Checklist
Modernize Your Marketing
Key Missing Pieces from your Law Firm Website

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