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Should You Remove Your Website’s Sidebar?

October 04, 2018

Has the sidebar gone the way of the Dodo bird? When the Internet first gained popularity in the 1990s, the website sidebar was an excellent way to capture readers’ attention, gather email addresses, and point them to a CTA. However, as websites and tastes have evolved, the sidebar is becoming more and more obsolete. Should […]


5 Trends in Law Firm Web Design That Every Lawyer Should Know

August 17, 2018

Website design styles change so often, it is difficult to keep up with the trends and new technology. There are a few new trends that have begun playing a major role in law firm websites that we expect to continue to see in law firms that are looking to set themselves apart and present themselves […]


What You Need to Know About Google’s Chrome Security Warnings

September 22, 2017

This fall marks a big shift in the way Google Chrome handles security with certain websites. This means it is more important than ever for business owners and webmasters to have sites that are certified as being secure, with an HTTPS designation. Pay attention because the Google Chrome security settings have changed, and you’ll want […]


5 Best Secrets to Creating a Great Website

August 25, 2017

The quality of your website has a lot to do with your ability to turn online leads into new clients. But how can you be sure you are creating a website that will attract the right type of clients you are looking for? Here are the best secrets for a great website that will help you […]


Make Your Legal Website Run Super Fast

June 06, 2017

There are few things more frustrating to a user than a website with pages that load slowly. People tend to have very short attention spans when browsing the internet, with some spending an average of just 15 seconds on each page. Search engines hate slow loading times, too—Google will even penalize sites that don’t load […]


6 Signs It’s Time for a New Powerful Website

May 02, 2017

Have you been considering refreshing your law firm’s website? It’s never a bad idea to at least review the state of your site and determine the pages or components that might need updating. Some firms may find that the design elements they have are so out of date that a website design refresh is not […]


7 Greatest Ways to Spruce Up Your Website

April 12, 2017

Have you been looking for ways to spruce up your website so it has a more contemporary look and feel? There’s no better time than the present to move forward! Websites can become outdated quicker than you would think. A website designed 3 or 4 years ago can already feel like it’s not up to […]


The Essentials Of Website Maintenance

July 01, 2016

Having a beautifully designed website that highlights your products and services provides a law firm with a sense of accomplishment. When well-designed and with great content, the site will certainly drive online business and move up through the search engine rankings, at least for a brief period of time. Then, without constant maintenance in place, those […]