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Backup Your WordPress Files and Database

If you have a blog or website on WordPress, it is important you make regular backups to all your files and the site database. If something should ever happen to your site, having these backups prevents you from losing a lot of important data. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can make these backups automatically, […]

5 Easy Ways to Create and Cultivate Quality Email Lists - Conroy Creative Counsel

5 Easy Ways to Create and Cultivate Quality Email Lists

Email blasts and digital newsletters are among the few means of direct communication you have with your clients. Your message is delivered straight to their inbox, where it gets a better-than-average opportunity to make its appeal. Capitalizing on this opportunity is imperative, each time you send an email. The more subscribers you have, the more […]

Content Marketing

Tips For Improving Your Email Newsletter

It seems that as a law firm owner, particularly a small law firm owner trying to do everything on your own, the number of ways you are supposed to communicate and interact with your target market is simply overwhelming. Most law firms feel they have to maintain a top website, generate relevant and timely content, blog on their […]

Website Design and Development by Conroy Creative Counsel

6 Simple Email Rules

Email has become the most common form of communication in virtually all types of business to business, business to customer or customer to business interactions. Regardless of the type of professional communication, creating an email that effectively conveys your message and prompts the reader to send a response is always the goal. While many people […]


Smart Ways Lawyers Can Use Email Marketing

It’s clear that email is central to communications these days, with an estimated 122 billion emails being sent per hour. So it’s no wonder almost 70 percent of marketers rely on email as a core part of their marketing strategy — because it works. How can an email marketing plan help your law practice? Email marketing […]


Email Benchmarks: Keeping Up with The Joneses

Understanding the benchmarks for email performance is something most people leave to whatever their neighbor told them. However, knowing what the standards are for your particular industry can be helpful in keeping a realistic expectation, or knowing when something has gone wrong. My favorite email service provider, Mailchimp, provides a number of helpful resources and […]