The Value Of Short Emails

The Value Of Short Emails

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We all know how annoying and overwhelming it can be to open up an email inbox to hundreds of emails. From marketing emails, coupons, upcoming sales, on top of important work emails and keeping in touch with friends and family, it’s no wonder that some people just send messages straight to the junk folder or unsubscribe to make room in their inbox.

With the speed of today’s internet, we can see how much it has affected the attention spans of people over the years. People have become very effective at “digital multitasking” and are able to absorb information in a much different way.

With these things considered, any law firm should be mindful not to clutter their client’s inboxes. Here we explain the value of keeping your emails short and concise, and offer tips to creating shorter emails that increase engagement and subscriber retention.

Capture Attention

By keeping emails shorter, you can capture the attention of your readers quickly. When an email is opened, a reader will take a glance at how long the email is and judge if they have the time to read it all. Having a wall of text can be intimidating and off-putting to a reader or they may not have a moment to read it all, put it off, and forget to come back to it.

Less is more when it comes to how you structure your email. You can effectively capture attention by keeping your most important information up front, outlining your email with numbers or bullet points for easy reading, and keeping it short and to the point.

Single Focus

When implementing shorter emails you can keep the focus of the email on one specific topic. Multiple topics can be talked about in separate emails, keeping your readers engaged over time by solving one issue or communicating one topic at a time. This is a time where sharing a valuable tip or thoughtful statement can connect you to your reader, allowing them to focus on the point you are making. Your reader can then complete the call to action you have put into place, whether it is to visit your website, contact you about your services, or give feedback. 

When you are deliberate in your emails about what you want to get across to your clients, it is easier for them to respond and complete what it is you wanted to accomplish.

Reading Time

On average, a person can read 200-300 words per minute, while good readers can read 300-400. By keeping your email short, in five sentences or less, your email will be easier and quicker to consume. This allows your reader to be anywhere when they read your content, whether at their desk office or on their phone while on the go.

Considering so many people now use their mobile phones to access their emails and browse online, it is always important to provide an accessible and easy to maneuver mobile version of your email and website. Images are a great way to convey messages and support any surrounding text, but in the case someone is unable to see your images, always include descriptive body text that is the main part of your email.

Shows Respect To The Reader

An average person gets about 100 emails a day, and a working business person can typically send 40 emails a day. People are often bombarded with emails from different brands, services, and companies, so in order to stand out from other emails and any competition, it is vital to keep your emails short and succinct. Your readers will appreciate your easy to digest material and are more inclined to keep receiving emails from you in the future.

Create A Series

If there are multiple elements to the topics you wish to cover with your readers, or if a reader has responses to any particular topics, you can create an email series which is a perfect opportunity to have topics that will follow from each other. Personalized emails can offer much more revenue when you have collected proper data, keeping your readers updated on information they are specifically interested in, news relevant to their interests, or if they desire reminder emails or special marketing promotions.

You are able to solve one problem at a time when you focus on one email at a time. If there are multiple topics you want to talk about, you can send individual emails about each topic. This allows your reader to engage with what is relevant to them and can offer solutions to any issues or questions they may have.

Creating the Best Law Firm Marketing Emails

There is no right or wrong length when it comes to emails, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Different information and tones of emails require different amounts of information in their content, but the use of shorter emails in between any longer or more informational ones can give variety to the marketing emails you are sending to your clients.

At Conroy Creative Counsel, we help law firms thrive and expand their reach online with impactful designs, a deep understanding in digital marketing, and effective content strategies. We can leverage the power of marketing to help you grow your law firm and gain the clientele you desire.

Contact us today so we can guide you in creating the best marketing campaigns and business website for your law firm.


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