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Our Work

Online presence needed modernizing

Updating a Neglected Website to a Dynamic Online Presence

Despite their experience and expertise, the legal firm’s online presence needed an update. Previous attempts to modernize their website had been unsuccessful and had resulted in the firm having a stale online reputation. Our updated website was lauded as a success by our client.

Increased Traffic, Increased Business, and Increased Revenue

Boosting Search Rank and Revenue at Azemika & Azemika

The Azemikas expressed concern over the company previously running their website. They felt the company’s product looked unprofessional and that content was not updated often enough.

We knew we could help, so we dug into their challenges and created a plan that would help them solve those problems.

Making a Better Legal Website

Award-Winning Design to modernize Law Firm’s Website

Haugen made it clear that they didn’t want to look like every other generic legal website on the internet. We used the information they gave us to create a better, more functional website that could meet their clients’ needs and help the law firm grow its business.

Our Founder

Marketing effectively requires specialized knowledge and
experience. It’s not a legal practice area, but it should be.

Law school prepares you for legal battles, but a law degree isn’t enough to win in the Marketplace. You need experienced representation to help you navigate the twists and turns of a complex battle for clients. Isn’t it time you brought in a Marketing Co-Counsel®?

Built on a foundation of excellence, Conroy Creative Counsel provides marketing clarity and a deep bench of experience to growth-minded law firms. This signature approach combines my education (I hold a MBA from the University of California), my insight developed over several years of corporate marketing, and my broad experience serving the legal industry.

We strategically position firms for expanded reach with both local and national markets using impactful design, thought leadership, and effective digital marketing tactics. We focus on results, and it shows.

Put experienced creative representation to work for you.

Karin Conroy

Founder | Creative Director

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