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The Counsel Cast podcast serves as a pivotal resource for law firms, offering actionable insights and strategies to foster transformation. It delves into the latest digital marketing trends, secrets to client engagement, and the art of creating user-friendly websites that drive conversions. Every episode is designed to equip you with essential knowledge and tools, empowering you to make informed marketing decisions and maintain a competitive edge.

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Discover the episodes that have captivated lawyers worldwide. Each featured session below offers unique insights and actionable strategies, showcasing the best of what Counsel Cast and our Marketing Co-Counsel® Program have to offer.

How can law firms monetize podcasts?

How do you make real money off of having a podcast? If you are exploring the potential of podcasting for revenue generation, this episode is for you. We delve into the practicalities and strategies that can turn a podcast into a lucrative venture.

Navigating the vast sea of law firm SEO options, from Google and Facebook ads to TikTok and LinkedIn, can feel overwhelming. How can you determine the most effective online marketing approach for your firm?

How can you get free traffic from Google?

Navigating the vast sea of digital marketing options, from Google and Facebook ads to TikTok and LinkedIn, can feel overwhelming. Listen to this episode with Shreya Banerjee and Paul Counts about how to determine the most effective approach for your firm.

Celeste Headlee engaging in a thought-provoking conversation during the Counsel Cast podcast episode, highlighting her expertise on improving communication skills and the importance of meaningful conversations for law firms.

Why are smart lawyers so bad at conversations?

What distinguishes a great conversationalist from one who struggles to engage? Could the secret lie in the art of listening? In this enlightening episode, we’re joined by  internationally recognized journalist Celeste Headlee.

Karin Conroy offering innovative marketing insights during a podcast, demonstrating her expertise in legal marketing and strategic online navigation for law firms.

The Host

Karin Conroy

Law firms are in search of a partner who not only has a profound grasp of the intricacies of the legal field but also brings a distinctive blend of creativity and strategic vision essential for mastering the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing. 

As your host I offer more than just understanding; I draw upon my extensive background in legal marketing to infuse this podcast with deep insights, innovative approaches, and practical strategies tailored specifically for law firms aiming to excel. 

My experience equips me to navigate the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing, ensuring that law firms receive not just advice, but a transformative creative representation that propels them toward unparalleled growth and success.

Karin Conroy

Host | Marketing Co-Counsel®

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