Law Firm SEO Services For Lawyers

Law firm SEO services help to bring more traffic to your website. And our SEO team will work with your law firm to determine your ideal client and business goals, whether that is ranking as the go-to firm in your area or as the expert in a particular niche.

Acquire More Clients

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How A SEO Company For Lawyers Can Help Grow Your Practice

Majority of the population gets its daily dose of information from the internet. 97% of them use search engines when looking for legal help. Wouldn’t you want your firm to be the first suggestion that appears when someone searches for legal advice online? That is what will happen when you invest in SEO services for lawyers. SEO services will tell you which keywords to use in your content that would optimize your firm’s website for potential clients.

It has been seen that over 80% of people use online maps to find local law agencies. SEO ensures that your firm is put above others on map searches.

Hence, SEO services, in many ways, reduce competition or, gives you an edge over others.

We at Conroy Creative Counsel assist you by attracting prospects interested in being your client. Our SEO services are uniquely customized for your law firm to increase the search result rankings.


Is SEO Needed For Attorneys?

A ubiquitous question that arises is whether Attorney SEO is essential. The answer will vary depending on the type of client.
At Conroy Creative Counsel, our primary job is to have transparency with our clients. We believe in educating them with whatever they need to know. The law firms that have been in the market for long time and have proven their mettle already would naturally rank higher due to their branding and authoritative domain.
For such clients, Search engine optimization for lawyers is not a necessity. All we would do is show them the right path suitable for them.
A new, emerging law firm which has no back-links and zero content would, however, require more help. However, the plans and SEO strategies would still vary from client to client. We personalize strategies solely based on what the particular client would require to grow.

Apart from this, law firms dealing with competitive areas like criminal law and family law need a separate guidance. Hence, it is vital to choose an SEO based internet marketing agency that understands what a client needs and works towards producing real and long term results.We know about legal marketing and hence would be able to address the needs of your law firm.

SEO Services for Law Firms

There is an array of SEO services for law firms. Given below is a list of the top few services:


Site Audit

The primary step in our SEO services for law firms is getting acquainted with your business. We aim to critically analyze the kind of prospects you wish to target and the main goals you want to achieve. Our in-site SEO expert carries out a site audit on your online page to understand the present status of the website. The expert would map your content and study the use of keywords. This would help us identify the site’s strengths and flaws so that we can develop a perfect strategy for your firm.


Goals and Strategies

We summarize the collected information to build a customized strategy that would develop a search engine optimized site. This website will overtake your competitors because of the use of relevant keywords that clients use the most when searching for legal advice.



In this step, we prepare and make your site ready for the traffic it would receive. We work with an expert team to implement software and other tools to track analytics to keep a check on the amount of success of the SEO strategy used.


On-page initial execution

The optimization process starts with on-site strategies. We first clean up your page’s code, mapping and structure. We use highly searched and relevant keywords to the content in a way that brings value to your content. The informative content attracts targeted prospects to go through the website.


Off-page continuous optimization

SEO is a process that needs to be monitored on a regular basis. It requires constant updating to ensure that the content is up to date with the search engine requirements. Our law firm SEO services for lawyers consist of continuous optimization where we sincerely keep on updating your site through blogging, strategy changing, ongoing keyword research and link building to ensure an optimum result.
Law Firm’s Strategic Roadmap

Key Benefits of our Law Firm SEO Services

Your firm’s website remains in the top rankings

Your website ranks on the first page on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Prospects generally focus on the top three or four suggestions. So, we make sure that our client’s site remains in the top few listings to attract maximum traffic.

Control Your Leads

Our law firm SEO services practice in-depth keyword research to ensure that your website is appearing for searches of a qualified lead needing your services.

Increase traffic and offer long term benefits

With law firm SEO, your firm will be one of the first suggestion clients will see when seeking legal representation. So, your website will get increased traffic due to the increased awareness.

In the long run, your firm’s SEO strength shall grow and continually beat other competitors when you opt for law firm SEO agencies.

What Makes Our Law Firm SEO Services For Attorneys The Best Choice


Industry Experience

Every prospect would want an experienced attorney to run their case. We have worked with a number of law firms and lawyers to know the exact needs of clients and hence are thoroughly prepared to uplift and develop your firm. We never impose any long term contracts on you because we are confident that you would not regret working with us.


In-house specialists

We believe in dedication and individual care. Our in-house SEO experts would help you see your goals more clearly. They will ensure more leads and more cases. Our expert is trained specially to work on search engine optimization for lawyers so that you emerge out better than the rest in the market.


Full Service and proven results

Our law firm SEO agency carries out a full-service digital marketing company to fulfil all aspects and aspirations of your firm’s online marketing strategy. Our past clients have been satisfied with our work, and we have retained almost 90+% of clients.


Expert Advice

We have specialized expert teams to work solely on search engine optimization. You can seek advice or information regarding everything that comes to your mind anytime you want from the expert that is assigned to you.


Current Campaigns

Our practise ranges from criminal law firms to personal injury law firms. We have complete knowledge of the legal market and will be able to help you in ranking up your firm in whichever area you specialize in.