Law Firm web designing, without the risk

Proper designing of the website of your law firm is essential. Law firm web designing is entirely risk-free. We put our best teams to work to build the best law firm web design for your site. The models will be based on the type of law firm you are dealing with and the kind of audience you aim to target. You pay us only when you are fully satisfied and love our work.

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How A Web Design Company For Lawyers Can Help Grow Your Practice

Conroy Creative Counsel takes pride in creating an online presence that is up to date with the times. We feature the latest technological advancements and other legal changes that continually occur.

You can expect the following legal web design services while working with us.

Modern Design that
is continuously updated

We use the latest technology to design absolutely modern websites. The law firm web design services are at pace with the other conversion practices used in the web designing industry.

Search Engine

We follow the latest guidelines updated by the various search engines and implement them in our work.


Our web designs are optimized, and performance tested to ensure fast web services and content loading. 

You have complete access to all our procedures and practices at all times. Nothing is kept hidden.

You are the complete owner

Your website stays with you. At no instance do we hold your site hostage. Once we are done designing it, it is all yours.

Features of our Web Design

There are numerous law firm web design agencies in the market. It might get a little tricky for you to choose the best one. To make it a little simpler for you, we are listing down the features that you would enjoy while working with our web designing team. 


Unique Look

Your website will be like no other. The content, design and features will be absolutely new and unique. Nothing will be plagiarized from other websites. The design shall be personalized by us based on your interests and targeted audience. 


Unlimited Choices

You will get a buffet of design choices for your law firm web design. From simple to extravagant, our team has a collection of designs to offer you. Our main aim is making you happy, and we do all we can to achieve this goal.


Countless Pages

We do not impose or force you to limit the number of pages on your website. It can be ten or a thousand. The decision entirely lies with you. We only guide you if you need it.


Basic SEO

We use relevant keywords and follow the latest SEO guidelines to attract more traffic.


Best Coding Practices

Our features are consistent with the best coding practices.


Contact Forms

We create easy to access contact forms so that your clients can reach you anytime they want.


Visual Impact

We use millions of original photographs and videos that are unique and speak perfectly about your brand.


All time support

We are 24×7 at your service. You can reach us anytime you want, anywhere you want and through any channel, and we’ll be happy to help. Our relation is not limited to the time we work together. We will have your back even after that.


Web Hosting And Blog platform

We offer web hosting services. A blog is a vital element for a law firm website. Blog platforms are included in our legal web designing services.


Content Ideas

We provided updated and informative content and sub-content options and ideas for you to be on par with the legal market.


Hassle and Tension-free process

With time, we have perfected our internal procedures for you to have a smooth experience while working with our agency.

We only deal with the latest and greatest stuff. Your law firm’s website will be as modern as it gets.

We are continually doing our homework. Several changes are occurring regularly in the web designing industry. We are up to date with all the new practices and use the trendiest and latest features for your law firm’s website.
We have an in-house specialized team to work on lawyer web designing services solely. We will assign a separate group whose only focus would be to modernize your website to attract the target audience.
From accessible contact forms to visually pleasing pictures and original content, we make sure that your website doesn’t lag behind your competitors in any way. The designs are exclusive to lawyers.
Search Engines love Conroy Creative Counsel websites. We use relevant keywords for the search engines to list your site at the top ranks.

Our hassle-free, legal web design process.

There are numerous law firm web design agencies in the market. It might get a little tricky for you to choose the best one. To make it a little simpler for you, we are listing down the features that you would enjoy while working with our web designing team. 


Market Research and Questionnaire

The first step towards designing your page is getting to know your goals and ideas. We listen and learn all about your firm. We draft a questionnaire to understand your thought process, so we are on the same page. We invest a lot of time in this process. This is what makes us different. We have knowledge of the legal market and your competitors. We make sure that the clients landing on your website do not leave.


Asset Collection and Content Brief Creation

We put the knowledge we have gathered during research to critical analysis. We customize a wireframe of content based on it and work to organize everything to maximize conversions, expertise, trust and search engine optimization. We create a website for your law firm so that it answers all the questions that might be present in a client’s mind. This is when we use photographs, videos, customer reviews, accolades and other assets that could attract maximum prospects.


Designing Phase

We create and offer you with a plethora of homepage design samples to choose from. Each design will be different in terms of colour palettes, themes, styles and content arrangements. We believe that the homepage creates maximum impact on a client. So, we invest maximum time to build the perfect one for your brand. We regularly take feedback from you and work on them. The design process is kept transparent to you.


Coding Process

Every approved design is moved to the coding process. The unique graphical mock-ups are converted to a functional web page in this step. Our method of working is faster compared to others. We do not dwell upon failing developments and continue developing new, better designs. We use software that allows easy editing to our clients.


Bug Testing

After completion of the coding process, we repeatedly check every page of the website for errors, bugs, grammatical faults and other problems that need our attention. We critically examine the pages to test for even the smallest of issues that might not catch one’s eyes easily. We will check your website on several devices ranging from desktops to tablets. We will test the overall performance of your website and optimize it to ensure super-fast loading.


Site Launching and Marketing

Now it is time to launch your site on the world wide web. You can choose to host your website all by yourself or allow us to organize and manage your site. If we get the opportunity to host and manage your website, we will put it on a cloud-based, super high-performance server with latest technologies. As soon as your site goes live, we start working together for marketing strategies and plans to attract clients.