Kalamaya Law

Kalamaya Law

The Brief

Ryan Kalamaya announces the redesign of its website, Kalamaya Law. Kalamaya Law is a law firm focusing on family law and criminal defense in Aspen, Colorado.

They wanted to market themselves as a tech-savvy firm so they were looking for a website redesign that would reflect that marketing angle.
They needed assistance with their branding strategy. Website copy was already provided.

The goal of their website to provide information about their firm that is easily accessible. They want clients to call them directly. Most of their leads come from referrals from other attorneys. When potential clients visit their website, they want the site to confirm the recommendations they received.

Our Approach

The client provided a starting off point by providing their website copy. We immediately began by designing a wireframe of the website to accomplish the branded, professional look the client was going for.

The website was built with the key goal in mind of establishing a presence that truly personified the hands-on, experienced lawyers and their unique practice areas.
The overall website design focused on structuring a modern and authoritative style that complemented the firm’s brand.

The Result

Kalamaya Law hired the award-winning web design experts at Conroy Creative Counsel, which is a marketing firm focused on providing custom, agency level law firm website design along with killer technology. The website incorporates the most up-to-date web design trends and technology such as WordPress CMS development, responsive design, user-friendly, automated search engine optimization (SEO), and a stunning design that inspires potential clients to take action.


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