Law Office of Paul H. Spitz

Law Office Of Paul H. Spitz

Law Office of Paul H. Spitz | Cincinnati, OH

Law Office of Paul H. Spitz is an Expert Business Counsel law firm focusing on startups and small businesses in Cincinnati, OH.

Their goal was to establish a professional, branded web presence to present to their clients. The main purpose of their website is to give them a polished atmosphere online that would distinguish them as an experienced, personable, and reputable firm.

They wanted to connect with clients that needed assistance with Business Formation, Business Operation, and Cannabis Companies.

Refreshing visuals and platform

We kicked off the project with research into the competitive landscape of starting a business and using a lawyer to do so. The client provided a starting off point by providing their logo and previous website copy. We approached the design of the website to accomplish the branded, professional look the client was going for.

The website was built with the key goal in mind of establishing a presence that truly personified the hands-on, experienced lawyers and their unique practice areas. The overall website design focused on structuring a modern and authoritative style that complemented the firm’s brand.


Communicating Credibility

The second issue we wanted to address was communicating credibility. We did this by taking advantage of opportunities to display experience and expertise throughout the website copy. The page that benefits from this the most is the About page, however, we made sure to include a display of expertise on every page of the website so that no matter where a visitor may land they will have that valuable information. 

Law Office Of Paul H. Spitz


We made it easy for site visitors to find contact information by including the phone number for the firm directly into the site header. We also included many links to the contact page throughout each page of the website. Addionally, the firm offers unique packages and client access features on their site that needed to be integrated.

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