The Law Office of Michael E. Kondoudis

Michael E Koudoudis Devices


The Law Office of Michael E Kondoudis is a law firm focusing on intellectual property law in Washington D.C. The firm faced challenges related to marketing and sales and they needed to reach an expanded audience. Additionally, their website did not lend credibility.

Together we analyzed the needs and developed a plan to to establish awareness and credibility with your audience, represent their expertise online, and create higher conversion rates.


Washington, DC

Practice Areas

Patent Law
Trademark Law
IP Law




Conroy Creative Counsel created value-based core messaging for so that the firm can demonstrate the value of the services they provide and properly communicate the benefits of their work in terms of lead generation and increased credibility. We also developed a custom, branded website so that the messaging and visuals align with their expertise.


The result for the firm has been an ability to attract an increased number of high-value clients to the firm. And the ability to convert a higher percentage of potential clients by identifying and eliminating disconnects in their marketing messaging and position.

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