How To Use Case Studies In Your Marketing

How To Use Case Studies In Your Marketing

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Case studies are a research-based approach used to analyze and develop an in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of a case and judicial decisions. When you use a case study in your marketing, it is sometimes called a client success story. 

Using case studies in marketing your firm is an excellent way to show potential clients that you have experience dealing with situations that may mimic their own. You can show your achievements with a carefully written and brief story, even when your firm is bound by documents such as an NDA.

If you are not already using case studies, there are many reasons why you should start. We are going to tell you some of the benefits, the essential elements and various ways to share and utilize your case studies.

Benefits Of Using Case Studies

One of the most significant benefits of using an excellent case study is that it makes prospective clients feel like you are the only solution to their problem. Case studies are even more effective and trusted than traditional email marketing, blog articles or social media content.

Case studies are an excellent way to:

  • Build trust and rapport through social proof
  • Tell a story about your brand
  • Demonstrate to future clients why you are excellent at your craft
  • Help the client decide to work with you
  • Create content usable for marketing on several platforms, including email, websites, blogs, search and SEO
  • Create evergreen content that you can use over and over again in various ways

Elements Of A Great Case Study

Creating a case study can take time; however, a quality case study can effectively showcase the attorneys’ accomplishments and abilities in and out of the courtroom. Your case study should be a self-contained explanation of how a client prevailed in a case with the help of your law firm.

Case studies need to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Developing a case study includes:

  • Get your client’s permission before you begin writing, and ensure you get it in writing. Legal issues tend to be very personal, so make sure to be sensitive to their privacy, do not share information that would violate a court order, the agreement between parties, release or other legal documents included in the resolution of the case
  • Have realistic goals for your case study
  • Tell a story and follow the classic rising action, climax and resolution narrative
  • Identifying your law firm in the role of being the supportive figure and helping hand who helps your client overcome their legal issues
  • Choose a case that your ideal client will relate to
  • Focus on simplifying your case study
  • Use proper formatting elements
  • Include testimonials or quotes from your client, including the case results and their experience with your law firm
  • Try out various formats to connect with different types of learners, such as video, podcast, email, blog posts, etc.
  • Make your case studies easy for your potential clients and readers to find on your website

Best Ways To Share Your Case Studies

1. Blog Posts

Case studies are perfect for blog posts and give you the space to provide greater detail about your client’s success and also deliver valuable information to your potential clients that are reading it. You can also incorporate them with the rest of your content articles to generate a balanced rotation of inspiration points, case study blogs and other articles designed to create rapport and value.

2. Develop A Dedicated Web Page

A web page will give you a centralized method and place to display your case studies and is an excellent resource for your audience. Use case studies that span many years or a higher column of clients to show your readers your history of success.

3. Make Videos

There are various ways to create a video case study, and it is an excellent medium to utilize when sharing case studies with your audience. Examples of how you can use videos include:

  • If you have a client willing to do an interview-style video to share their point of view
  • If a service you offer suits a case study that also shows the pragmatic application and was able to resolve the client’s issue

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to share your case studies. You can include individual case studies in your newsletters or make a compilation from several to give your audience a broader overview and encourage them to visit your web page or social media site. You can also include a video case study in your email. You can establish yourself as an expert and a leader in your industry while providing valuable content to your readers.

5. Promotional Materials

You can use case studies in white papers to promote your law firm, services and brand for your potential clients and as an easy way for past and present clients to share with their friends and family.

Looking for Inspiration?

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Are You Ready To Include Case Studies In Your Marketing?

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