Let Your Client Drive Your Marketing

Let Your Client Drive Your Marketing

client drive your marketing

You might think writing is the best skill you can have when it comes to creating content for your law firm, but you’d be wrong.

Listening is the best skill you can have.

Your clients are always communicating with you, whether it’s through positive words, reactions, or even a lack of engagement with what you have to say. It can be subtle at times, and easy to miss, but if you catch it, it can be one of the most valuable assets you could ever have.

When you create marketing content, your client is always foremost in mind. Many law firm owners have a well-established content plan, based on an avatar of their target audience. While this is immensely useful, it can actually drown out what your existing clients are saying right to your face.

You end up so focused on the data, you forget that your audience is sharing more with you.

As a lawyer, you understand the importance of listening to your client to ultimately understand all aspects of their case and issue. When it comes to marketing for your law firm’s website, listening to your clients is essential for creating content that connects with their problems, needs, and interests.

Using the power of listening will elevate the trust your readers have in you and strengthen current relationships, and lay the foundation for future clients.

4 Ways To Improve Your Marketing

You will significantly improve your marketing content, connect with your clients, and establish rapport and trust by listening to your audience. Here are some examples of improving your content and having the best law firm website reflecting your values and practice.

1. Actively Listening

When you actively listen to someone, you are making an effort to hear beyond the words they are saying and listen to the whole message. To do this, you must pay attention to verbal and non-verbal messages, picking up on the intent, content, and emotions of what they are expressing.

Even if what they are sharing may not seem relevant, allow them to have the space to fully express themselves and then reflect it to them to ensure you connect with what they are saying. By actively listening, you will be able to level up your content – after all, content is king for law firm websites.

2. Ask Questions of Your Reader

Asking your audience questions will give you feedback that will tell you about their challenges, interests, and issues, and you can utilize it to create content that is valuable to them.

Suppose your law firm has a social media presence. In that case, open-ended questions are best as they allow and encourage a more extended discussion resulting in ranking higher in the algorithm and will be seen by more people.

You can also:

  • Create a voting poll to get an idea of people’s beliefs or ideas on a specific topic, including an option that allows for them to add their ideas
  • Create a poll for people to choose which topics are most important to them that they would like more information on, and include an option for them to add their suggestions
  • Create surveys for your readers to offer feedback

When you apply these suggestions and then respond by following up by creating content specific to your audience, it shows them that you are interested in what is essential and valuable in their lives. Your clients will love sharing their opinions with you because you listen, and this information is like gold when it comes to creating content.

3. Feature Your Reader’s Stories

Sharing your readers’ stories is an excellent way to express that you care about them and their experience. You can highlight their stories in a blog or social media post or interview them if they feel too self-conscious.

Other people will relate to their stories, feel included and feel safer knowing your law firm understands their problems and challenges. A bonus is your client creates the content, and they will feel good knowing their story will help other people.

4. Create Valuable Content

While you can generate content that you think your readers will love, you may miss your goal if you aren’t listening to their feedback. Pay attention to what subjects or type of content gets the most interaction and why it is so popular. When you focus on the kind of content your audience wants to see, your law firm’s website will stay ahead of the competition.

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