What Makes for Great Onboarding Email Sequences

What Makes for Great Onboarding Email Sequences

Onboarding email sequences are commonly used by law firms after someone has officially decided to move forward with that firm’s services. The process is designed to get the client familiarized with how the business relationship will work with the firm and to ensure a better overall experience.

Here are a few examples of issues your firm should consider when designing an onboarding email sequence.

  • Number of emails: How many emails should be in a sequence to make it effective? The number of emails in the onboarding sequence can affect the client experience. Too many and they might feel annoyed or bombarded, too few and they might feel ignored or confused. Finding the balance can be tough, and the right number really varies based on the firm and the specific service.
  • Email frequency: How often should emails be sent, and what is the interval between those emails? You should give enough time between emails to let the client absorb the message and take the action requested, but not so much time that it feels like you’ve forgotten about them.
  • Branding: All of the emails should have the same branding and design to give them a cohesive feel and really tie the sequence together. Inconsistent branding or messaging can confuse the client and make them wonder if the messages are really intended to go together.
  • Topics: What specific subjects do you want to cover in the email sequence, and in what order should you place them? The entire purpose of an onboarding sequence is to get the client familiar with your firm and services, so start with basic issues and get more complex as you go on.
  • Language: Make sure the language you use speaks to your target audience and is written at a level all of your potential clients can understand.
  • Personalization: Do whatever you can to personalize the emails so your readers feel like you are speaking directly to them. This will enhance your branding and the experience your customers have with your firm.

For more information about how you can enhance your onboarding email sequences, contact us at Conroy Creative Counsel.


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