Create the Perfect Thank You Video for Your Clients

Create the Perfect Thank You Video for Your Clients

Showing gratitude to your clients is a an effective way of building loyalty and gaining referrals. One of the best ways to thank your clients for their business is to create a video. This creates a more personal touch than a simple email—it requires you to go the extra mile to record yourself delivering a thank you and makes an even larger impact on your clients.

If you’re interested in making some thank-you videos for your firm’s clients, here are a few tips to help you in the process.

  • Write out an outline: While it’s important to make sure your video is authentic as possible, that doesn’t mean you should ad lib the whole thing. To ensure professionalism and to help you stay on track, it’s a good idea to have at least a rough outline or script for what you want to say and the talking points you want to hit. You don’t need to script out the video word for word, but you should at least write out some of the things you want to say to help you stay on track.
  • Stick to the point: Don’t get too fluffy or off track with your message. Get to the point as soon as possible—thank your client, and show your gratitude that they chose to work with you. Don’t talk about yourself or your firm—keep the focus on them. Depending on the kind of legal work you did for them, you might also consider adding in some personal well wishes regarding the issue you assisted with.
  • Don’t ramble: The most effective thank you videos are short and sweet. The longer it goes, the less likely it is your client will actually watch the whole thing. Plus, videos that ramble on are more likely to have a lack of authenticity to them, or could start to look self-important. This connects with the previous bullet point—stick to the point, and make sure the focus is only on thanking them.
  • Don’t expect perfection: You don’t need to have the greatest production quality to your video. Instead, display your personality and be genuine. When thanking someone, this is far more important than slick production quality and perfect delivery.
  • Find ways to personalize: Your clients do not want video messages that look like they were made for mass distribution. Use their name, address issues you worked on with them, and acknowledge things you appreciated about working with them.

Need assistance in crafting a great thank you video for your clients? Contact us today at Conroy Creative Counsel.


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