Optimizing Landing Pages for SEO Success with Jesse Ringer

Optimizing Landing Pages for SEO Success with Jesse Ringer

Optimizing Landing Pages for SEO Success with Jesse Ringer

This week on the podcast we discuss: 

Optimizing Landing Pages for SEO Success with Jesse Ringer

About our guest: 

Jesse Ringer is the founder of Method and Metric, launched in 2017. For over 10 years, I’ve helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing teams build winning SEO strategies for their organizations.

My passion for progression, creativity backed by data, and the democratization of tech have led me to build an agency focused on connecting data and people in an ethical and forward-thinking way. I am a creative problem solver, marketer, and entrepreneur, known for building high-performing teams and delivering results.

Business today is being dramatically reinvented by digital transformation and our customer’s ability to shop from anywhere. As a result, there is greater pressure to be easily discoverable online. Here is where I help companies uncover the formula that will generate more website traffic and, more importantly, more revenue.


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About the podcast: 

When you face a complex case outside your expertise, you bring in co-counsel for next level results. When you want to engage, expand, and elevate your firm, you bring in a Marketing Co-Counsel. Counsel Cast is the podcast that provides the expertise of a Marketing Co-Counsel for your law firm. Where your firm gets answers and clarity to your marketing questions.

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