10 of the Best Brands on Twitter

10 of the Best Brands on Twitter

best brands on twitter

Over the past decade, Twitter has grown from being a place where individuals could share their thoughts in rapid-fire format to serving as a prime source for brands to build relationships with their clients. Some brands, however, are truly the crème de la crème when it comes to managing their Twitter profiles. The following best brands on Twitter offer aspiring social media marketers some terrific examples of the best ways to build loyal marketing for law firms.

Twitter for brands:

1. JetBlue

JetBlue has one of the best overall social media presences you’ll find. It constantly responds to customers who tweet to the company, even tackling complicated customer service issues. It has a clear, consistent branded personality, from its tweets to the profile description. Simply put, JetBlue goes above and beyond using Twitter as a customer service platform.

2. Major League Baseball

Unlike other professional sports leagues, MLB has embraced instant video updates of highlights and has numerous platforms that have tremendous followings. These include @MLBGifs, @MLBStatoftheDay and @MLBReplays, among others.

3. Digiorno Pizza

Digiorno manages to balance humor, creativity and timeliness really well with its tweets. While it was the perpetrator of an infamous hashtag gaffe a couple years back, the company has mostly developed a laudable Twitter presence.

4. Wendy’s

Like a little humor in your branded Twitter pages? Wendy’s might just be doing it better than anyone right now. Its profile description is hilarious enough: “We like our tweets the same way we like our hamburgers: better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.” Just take a look at this recent viral collection of the Wendy’s Twitter “roasting” its followers.

5. General Electric

GE is a great example of a brand that can position itself as a professional thought leader while still providing highly interesting, shareable content. The key to all of this is that the brand remains relatable and does not take itself too seriously.

6. Arby’s

Another fast food staple on this list, Arby’s Twitter has become known for its pop culture references that cleverly tie in the restaurant’s foods. The brand is great at contributing to a popular hashtag or topic without making it all about Arby’s.

7. Charmin

Dubbed the “sassiest brand on Twitter” by TIME, Charmin keeps it fun and lighthearted while making sure to put out just enough toilet humor to satisfy its followers.

8. Forrester

The research company shows that you don’t have to be in a traditionally “exciting” industry to have a great social media presence. Forrester has become an expert at packing a lot of information into a single tweet, with many tweets featuring interesting statistics or information from its own studies.

9. Starbucks

For as huge as the Starbucks brand is, it does a fantastic job of interacting with its followers on Twitter and using different types of media. Not an easy feat for one of the world’s biggest corporations.

10. PlayStation

PlayStation goes beyond just engaging with their fans—it creates a great deal of interest in their games and systems by live-streaming gaming events and offering sneak previews of products. The company also regularly uses promotions on Twitter to keep fan interest high.

Take some inspiration from some of these brands to create an outstanding social media marketing strategy for your law firm. Are there any other Twitter favorites you might add to this list?


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