5 Ways To Create Evergreen Content

5 Ways To Create Evergreen Content

evergreen content

As a lawyer, you are always busy, whether you are working with clients, or keeping up to date with continuously changing laws, regulations, and the ever-evolving judicial systems.

Your website for your law firm is an essential tool in the increasingly competitive online marketplace, and one of the ways you can help to future-proof your online presence is by creating evergreen content.

Evergreen content continually offers valuable and relevant information to your readers year after year. It’s not based on news or trends but addresses core issues that affect your audience. Many will bookmark your law firm’s blog posts because it offers value. When your firm provides value to your audience, this builds trust, and your readers become clients.

You want the best law firm website possible, but maintaining it while keeping the content fresh and new can feel overwhelming and stressful. Below, we will discuss five ways to create evergreen content for your law firm, keep readers engaged and keep new traffic coming to your website.

Here Are 5 Examples Of Evergreen Content

There are some simple ways to create evergreen content for your law firm website, and the beauty of these different examples is that they will also build rapport, trust, and relatability with your readers.

Example #1: Stories

Stories live forever and are one of the most valuable ways to create and write evergreen content because every story is unique. Sharing stories that your readers identify with automatically builds rapport and develops trust because when your audience relates to the story, they feel connected to you and your firm. You have also generated a piece of long-lasting content that will touch readers repeatedly.

Example #2. Blog Posts

If your firm already has blog posts on its website, you may have a few posts that qualify as evergreen content. As you look over your blog posts, look for timeless pieces that continue to get traffic and can deliver value to your clients year after year, and focus on enhancing your blog posts as you create new ones.

Because people go through life’s transitions at different stages, the chances are that these evergreen blog posts will appeal to many people at other times. Blog posts are an excellent way to create evergreen content using relevant keywords to keep your posts active in the search engines. 

Keeping your law firm’s blog posts visible and active in the search engines is essential for driving traffic, clients, and readers to your website.

Example #3. Make Lists

People love lists! Creating lists to help your readers is an easy way to offer value. These lists can include things such as:

  • Resources that your clients can use. Depending on your law firm’s specialty, this list could consist of phone numbers or websites for mental health therapists, physical therapists, domestic violence shelters, rehab facilities, car repair shops, auto body shops, bail bonds, educational resources, mediators, etc.
  • Make a list of FAQs for your clients that is easy to find. Pointers for writing a list of facts are to make sure to find out what questions your 

clients ask most frequently and:

  1. Write it from the customer’s point of view
  2. Write it in an actual question-and-answer format and keep the answers short
  3. Answer the question entirely instead of linking to another page
  4. Answer yes/no questions clearly by beginning with a “yes” or “no”
  5. Write the same way your clients speak
  6. Make sure you show personality in your response
  7. Optimize SEO
  8. Keep it current
  9. Add a live chat feature or a way to contact at the end for anyone needing help.
  10. Add a place to ask basic questions if you can maintain it consistently and promptly

A FAQs page will save you time, bring new clients, generate more traffic to your website and also help to build trust with your readers.

Example #4. Create “How To” Content

Creating a “how-to” guide for readers offers value and gives expert guidance to people who may be experiencing challenging circumstances or life transitions. An example of this could be if someone needs a divorce attorney, and you wrote a “how-to” guide for finding an experienced, compassionate divorce lawyer to help navigate the complex laws of family court.

Another example is if you are a business attorney, you can write a “how-to” on choosing between establishing an LLC and S-Corp and which would best suit your business needs. The possibilities for creating evergreen content by utilizing “how-to” guides are endless!

Example#5. Testimonials 

Testimonials are golden and timeless, and the bonus is you don’t even have to write them! People value the feedback and experiences of others when deciding to hire your law firm. When you share the experiences of happy clients, it will boost your law firm’s trustworthiness and professionalism and generate evergreen content. 

Evergreen Content Gives Value

Working to make your law firm’s website the best it can be and creating evergreen content that offers value to your readers is worth your time and investment because your firm will also benefit from having timeless content.

Consider why your law firm needs a blog if you don’t already have one.

We Can Help You

At Conroy Creative Counsel, we can help you create and get the most out of your content while also helping to build trust and rapport with your clients. Contact us today and let us help you get your law firm’s website at the forefront of the online marketplace.


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