21 Helpful Resources for Professional Women in Leadership

It wasn’t too long ago when women were expected to stand by and assume their role as a supporter of a male-owned business. Women in leadership roles are increasing in business, mentorships, and foundations to name a few.
From local events to uniting globally, women are coming together to support one another with ideas and innovations. Even though women are gaining headway in the number of businesses owned, it is sometimes difficult to find resources. Here’s a list of resources cultivated to provide value to your journey amongst the women dedicated to helping others.


 Take a look at these websites for inspiration from some of the most powerful women in the world. These women are dedicated to providing a change in the standards across the board in business.

  • Catalyst
    Catalyst is a non-profit organization that provides support to leading companies and CEOs throughout the world. They help to implement building better workplace standards on various issues such as cultural diversity and better inclusion. Ultimately they strive to help businesses empower women in the workplace while stating that, “progress for women is progress for everyone.”
  • Ted Women 2019
    Ted Women 2019 is a great event for women entrepreneurs to connect and network. They create events to showcase extraordinary women in their field. They strive to celebrate women in leadership as risk-takers and innovators.
  • The Wing
    The Wing focuses on advancing women by gathering them together in a network of work and community spaces. Their goal is to establish a space that helps to propel women and girls into achieving success.
  • Entrepreneurial Winning Women North America
    The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program helps to scale quickly women-owned businesses with $2M in revenue or above scale quickly. Their national competition and executive education program helps to provide resources to ambitious women to excel their business.
  • The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
    WBENC is an organization with an independent certification program designed to develop women-owned businesses by offering programs for networking and opportunities for growth.
  • International Association of Women (IAW)
    The International Association of Women provides an exclusive online community of dynamic, intelligent and accomplished women from varying backgrounds and fields that can help enhance your business, career and personal success.
  • The Female Entrepreneur Association
    The Female Entrepreneur Association is an online space with the mission of inspiring and empowering women from around the world to turn their ideas into a reality, build wildly successful businesses.
  • Ellevate
    Ellevate believes that when given the opportunity, women can be gifted a voice that speaks to the economic growth on a global scale. They help to create communities of professional when that help with business success and growth.
  • Tory Burch Foundation
    The Tory Burch Foundation has established capital, education and fellowship programs aimed at elevating female entrepreneurs and women in leadership.

Social Media Accounts

Here are some amazing social media accounts made by female founders to help inspire other women entrepreneurs!

  • Future Female
    Future Female is a movement to increase the number and success of female entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” worldwide.
  • Boss Project
    Founded by Abagail and Emylee, where they help to guide entrepreneurs with their creative service-based business.
  • Women Entrepreneur College
    Women Entrepreneur College provides courses for building your small business
  • iFundWomen
    iFundWomen is a Crowdfunding ecosystem designed for female entrepreneurs.
  • The Every Mom
    The Every Mom is the ultimate online resource for the modern mom created by The Everygirl Media Group.
  • Women Entrepreneurs Inc
    Women Entrepreneurs Inc is an online community based out of Charleston, South Carolina to help network your business.
  • Mother Mag
    Mother Mag is an online magazine designed with the entrepreneurial mom in mind.
  • The Female Founder Collective
    “When women join together to enact change, anything can happen!” – Female Founder Collective
  • Lawyer & Feminist
    Lawyer & Feminist promotes equality in the field of law.
  • She Owns It
    She Owns It is based in New Zealand and is a valuable resource for women entrepreneurs.
  • Women Entrepreneur
    Women Entrepreneur is a community of fearless and ready to take charge women in leadership and business.
  • The Mompreneur ™
    The Mompreneur ™ is a valuable hub of resources for connection, support, and education for women in business.

Whether you are looking for help establishing you as an ambitious business owner or wanting to connect with other like-minded women, our list of resources is the perfect place to start. This compilation of websites and social media accounts will help guide you to other women in leadership. There are already enough challenges as a woman in business, but now you can feel empowered to take the next step in achieving growth and success.

21 Helpful Resources for Professional Women in Leadership // Conroy Creative Counsel


5 Benefits of Women in Design

It’s 2019 and we can no longer deny the advantages of women in design. As more and more women enter previously male-dominated fields like IT, engineering, and design, companies are realizing the advantage of having women in the workforce.
Women are steadily becoming more educated and stepping into roles of power and authority. There’s a long way to go on the equality front, but it’s exciting to see women foraging ahead and taking on new roles at every level of business. While I hope to see an increase in female CEOs and top executives, I am pleased to see the number of women owning businesses, going to school in STEM, and creating a future where equality is real.
What do women bring to the design industry? There are plenty of statistics that show women are a powerful asset in the workplace. Women designers have a lot to offer!

5 Benefits of Women in Design

1. Female Perspective

There are excellent male designers out there. Unfortunately, even the best designer cannot completely put themselves in someone else’s shoes. That’s why it is helpful to have a variety of different contributors, so that different perspectives are taken into account. A female designer and a male designer may face the exact same problem, but have totally different solutions.
This doesn’t mean that male designers purposefully leave out facets of a project that are important to women. They may not have realized those issues at all. That’s why it’s a good thing more women are starting to join the industry.
Female designers allow a new perspective to enter the thought process and can ultimately lead to design being more accessible to everyone. A collaborative effort with a group of diverse individuals can lead to amazing and efficient solutions that one individual or a group of like-minded individuals would have never thought of.
Female perspective isn’t a coy term, it’s an important part of critical design thinking. It is important for the industry to acknowledge that women may have a different perspective, which is valuable and likely sorely lacking in their current lineup.

2. Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace isn’t for PR. In fact, the idea that tech startups and Fortune 500 companies hire women simply for diversity and that they aren’t full contributors is flat-out wrong. The reality is that women add much needed diversity to many companies that is proven to bring real benefits to business.
Diversity spurs creativity and innovation in the workforce. A variety of voices means that your business is better suited to provide a robust and inclusive end product. It can also help you recruit and retain talent. Diversity is becoming more and more important to people of all demographics. It is one of the metrics applicants look for in a company. A lack of diversity can drive current employees to look for other work. Diversity is an important factor in how we work and where we want to work.  
The diversity effect is true for gender, sexual orientations, race, and ethnicities. Having a diverse mix of people opens up perspectives, introduces new ideas, and creates an environment where innovation can thrive.

3. Communication and Empathetic Management

Women are especially good at building relationships with their peers and reports. They do this through collaboration,   Having a woman manager can encourage other people in the group, who might not otherwise participate, engage more actively in discussions and projects. Because women are less likely to focus on competition and generally more comfortable sharing power, other people who might normally feel uncomfortable in groups might be encouraged to share.
Of course, men can be good communicators and empathetic managers as well. And some women can be terrible managers. Let’s not stereotype and entire gender.
However, the social skills that women are typically drawn to and are reinforced in our society include active listening, thorough communication, and compassionate understanding — all qualities that can help managers be effective leaders.

4. Appeal to Women Consumers

Women represent an important part of the market and over $29 trillion in global sales. Having female designers means getting an inside look at the pain points and concerns of over half the market. Women represent slightly over half the consumer market in the United States, but they do a disproportionate amount of the purchasing.
Over 90% of household purchases are made by women. That’s not just dish soap and groceries. This includes major purchases like cars, appliances, and power tools. That’s incredible purchasing power!
However, despite the purchasing power of women, many companies are falling flat in their approach. The marketing standby to “shrink it and pink it” that has been popular for decades (anyone remember the disastrous “Della” laptop marketing campaign?) is still prevalent today. Female consumers are getting fed up with this condescending approach, and there’s an easy solution.
Women in design offer an opportunity to create products that will appeal to women without being slick and artificial. Products made for women, by women, are much more likely to hit the mark as the designer is a test market already.
They are also more likely to suggest products, apps, and websites that women will use that are currently missing from the market. Because men currently lead most startups and tech firms, there is a distinct lack of women-centric products that have the potential to make it big. Case in point: an app to track your period is relatively new.
When designing products, websites, branding, etc, it is crucial to keep the female consumer in mind as she represents such a large percentage of total sales in the United States. The best way to do that is by including female designers in your business.

5. Financial Advantage

It is important to encourage women in the workforce and to lift each other up. But what might convince companies to hire women for web design, development, cybersecurity, and other tech jobs is that it’s statistically proven that businesses that are gender-diverse are 15% more likely to outperform competitors.  
Businesses cannot ignore the fact that hiring more women can boost their earnings. There might be several factors that gender-diverse firms outperform including the diversity quotient, representative marketing, or productivity.
Although there is a persistent perception that women talk more at work and therefore don’t contribute as much, that theory has been proven false. If women are chatting, it’s not hurting their overall productivity, which is 10% higher than men’s.
For a variety of reasons, women have proven themselves a valuable asset in tech.
Ultimately, startups and other businesses can’t afford not to hire women. Across the board, women make a difference to the productivity, creativity, and profitability of businesses. So if you don’t care about the success of your business, never hire a woman!
The tech industry needs skilled and/or experienced workers. There are thousands of open jobs, and women are rapidly taking coursework and sharpening their skills to take those positions. There are so many advantages of having women in design, it will be fascinating to see where the field goes next.

Unique Client Appreciation with Etsy

‘Tis the season for recognizing and appreciating the ones who have supported your work this year. Before sending out a generic card, think about the difference in impact that you could accomplish by sending a unique, home made gift from Etsy.
This is one of my favorite sites  – I regularly find amazing items that allow me to support small businesses across the country that I would not otherwise have contact with. It is also possible to search for items locally, so if you prefer to keep your business close to home it is possible to find sellers near you.


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Entrepreneurs’ Required Reading

It would seem that a new “must read” business book appears in the stores every 20 seconds. There are too many for anyone to sort through, even to just find the one or two nuggets of valuable information. After using all my time to read the required horrible business text books and case studies during business school, I have finally found time to read and evaluate business books for pleasure and even started a book group with fellow classmates for this purpose. We have chosen books based on their hype, reviews and recommendations.
What follows is my list of the five best books I have read to date.

Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff

Groundswell is one of the most influential


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Motivation and Productivity Solution: Do One Thing Well

When seeking to improve performance, results or overall satisfaction in themselves, their business or their employees , too many follow conventional wisdom and focus on fixing weaknesses. Find what’s wrong and try to correct it. Unfortunately, that “wisdom” leaves them struggling on the path to mediocrity. Three sources that I have been reading lately converge on methods to surpass the mediocre, whether it is within your small business or within the confies of a large, bureaucratic organization. Find your motivation, find your strength, then develop your niche.

Daniel Pink, The Science of Motivation

I have been following Daniel Pink (a lawyer and formerly Al Gore’s speechwriter) since I watched his TED video where he examines the science of motivation in relation to the business world. His recent book
Motivation and Productivity Solution: Do One Thing Well is a post from the law practice blog: Lawyerist