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“One of the things that a lot of people are missing or not quite getting right is the positioning and messaging and how to really be strategic with their content. So making sure that they’re speaking to their clients and making sure that it’s really client-centric, instead of where it was in the beginning with those brochure sites where it was very, more egocentric for the firm and it was much more about let us tell you about where we all went to law school and how many cases we’ve solved.”

legal career and family
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Balancing Legal Career and Family in a Virtual World

Balancing a career and family life has long been a struggle for many attorneys, particularly women. With the COVID-19 quarantine, most daycares are shuttered except for the children of essential frontline workers. For the most part, attorneys are juggling their work around and between their child’s schedule.

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5 Benefits of Women in Design

It’s 2019 and we can no longer deny the advantages of women in design. As more and more women enter previously male-dominated fields like IT,

entrepreneurs required reading
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Entrepreneurs’ Required Reading

It would seem that a new “entrepreneurs required reading” business book appears in the stores every 20 seconds. There are too many for anyone to

Client Appreciation
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Unique Client Appreciation with Etsy

‘Tis the season for recognizing and appreciating the ones who have supported your work this year. Before sending out a generic card, think about the

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Motivation and Productivity Solution: Do One Thing Well

When seeking to improve performance, results or overall satisfaction in themselves, their business or their employees , too many follow conventional wisdom and focus on fixing weaknesses. Find what’s wrong and try to correct it. Unfortunately, th…